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Harmony Science Academy Reviews

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Harmony was a great place to spend my high school years. Even now years after I have graduated, I still keep in contact with teachers and friends alike. It is a feeling that not many can say they have.
The teachers are dedicated to your success, and always want you to do your best. The school building it self needs work, but it is still nice.
I love how serious this school takes its educations. It has provided me with wonderful opportunities in life that I could never get anywhere else and has a safe environment with nice and educated students.
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I liked the view of the school and their goals but I would like to see it enforced more. I would like to see more sports being offered.
I was able to excel in my academics while learning about different culture outside the class room because of my class mates I had the opportunity to grow to love myself as a person
Going to this school all 4 years of high school, you go through the entire high school experience. Each year of high school was different, yet they alway had a lesson. My first year taught me not all new friends you make will stick around. My second year prepared my for junior year with PSAT’s. Third year taught me that the real life is coming and you got to be ready. However, senior year was cut in half due to covid-19, yet the class of 2020 helped each other through it all. The admin throughout the years were very helpful, especially the counselors. This school prepared you for life after high school.
Harmony Science academy is a small school with a small class, but with the smaller class it means that you as a individual is seen more and helped, as long as you want the help. The community is pretty strong most people know each other and therefore the community is based on their strength.
Great academics, but the extra-curriculum activities need a lot of improvement. The school has high expectations for students, but sometimes put a bit of pressure on students. It's a great school if you would like to concentrate on academics (offers AP, DUAL, TSI, SAT, etc. without a cost for the students), but if you are looking for clubs and extra-curriculum, you will be disappointed.
A few great teachers and a couple great counselors. The bad teachers are horrible. They sit behind a desk and expect the kids to learn from their chromebooks which has and has no internet service. They are only there if u need them. All years my daughter a d son attended harmony. Students would/will come to her for teaching and explaining of assignments, due to teachers foreign accent is not understood. Pretty sad my daughter has had to work extra extra hard to get good grades. Especially with ADD she perseveres. Every time a teacher quits, students have no teacher for 3-4 months until one is found. Someone will walk in for roll call and nothing else. They are told to continue assignments on chrome book. Then a new teacher gets in and they get tested on what they were suppose to teach themselves. Pretty sad! Thank God my children work very very hard to get where they are . By the grace of God, parents, few teachers and counselors my children are blessed with intelligents.