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My time in harmony, I have noticed that nothing will ever be handed to you. You have to work for everything you do in life. Sure, life can hand you an opportunity but to keep that given, you have to work to make it last. I have seen many people pass and fail and neither of the journeys are pretty but one will lead you towards what you want in life. Harmony showed me that socialization can really help you with you progress for your future, like that saying “ it doesn’t hurt to ask” honestly applies to a students life. Teachers, administrators or faculty can help throughout the high school experience but you have to make it happen; it really gives you responsibility.
This is over Harmony school of innovation-Sugarland so you don't get confused with the other innovation. This school has a huge hold on discipline and also their guidance is absolutely the best. I know what counselors are like in public schools and they usually just let the student pick their courses but here in harmony the counselor actually gets to know the student and sees what is best for each individual student to reach success. There are so many opportunities that other schools just can't provide. We also have about 20 AP courses you can take while other schools have like 5. You can also take dual credits here that wouldn't be easily accessible in other school. Overall, Harmony is your best bet.
I've been at this school for three years now, almost onto four, since I've been there since ninth grade. There is a good selection of AP courses and Dual credit opportunities. I wish there were more clubs, especially more sports, like tennis, available at the school. The teachers are ok; some aren't really good teachers and don't effectively teach the material. I also wish there were more out of school opportunities and trips for students. I would also like if counselors were more hands on with students and interact with all students more.
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I thoroughly enjoy my experience going to this school, and I'm very happy that I was selected in the lottery, as I feel that not many other schools could educate me and raise me academically in the same cultural environment that Harmony presents. The academics are strong, the cubs are very education-oriented, and the small setting is perfect for students looking for close connections with their teachers. However, there's a high teacher turnover rate, and sometimes language barriers can prove to be a complication in the classroom. Otherwise, HSS is an excellent school, and I'm proud to be a HSS student!
Academically this is a great school with good teachers. Most courses are geared toward college preparation. The very low tolerance to bullying and violence in this school leads to a very safe environment. Although there isn't a proper school culture here yet it has a promising future.
I moved to Harmony last year and it has prepared me greatly for college. The teachers actually do care about your academics and it is widely diverse.
The school year of 2017-2018 has seen more improvement than the past 5 years combined. Food has improved drastically and clubs have always been the good thing since the beginning.
I really enjoyed the fact that many dual credit opportunities were given and the fact that there is room to relate with your teacher and look at them as your second parent in a second home
Excellent school. Like the way the children are disciplined. The school curriculum use in the school is very good and they have a very good program that help the students to get ready for college. They have limited sports activities for the children they need to work on that because all work and no play make Jack a doll person.
In Harmony School of Science- Houston the environment is restricted in terms of socializing, but it isn't that bad. The students there are mostly asian or turkish people. The teachers may be a little challenging from time to time, but overall the academics is pretty good. This is a charter school so they require uniforms. Others say they hate this school but it really isn't that bad.
Despite the many cons of this school, the campus still has many positive factors such as diversity and safety.
I have been in the harmony school system since the seventh grade, the reason why I moved to this school was because it gave me a higher chance of education. I am now in my last year of high school and I can say that the teachers here know you personality, helps you one on one if you need help in any of your classes. The counselors will help guide you through college applications. We have one of the highest college acceptance rate vs. other schools. One thing that needs to improve is school spirit. Over all, Harmony is one of the best schools that you should consider if you want to have a higher chance to have an excellent education environment.
Excellent school and has a lot of after school club options. Robotics club helps students to stay engaged. Approximitly 20% of the students are in robotics club.
Personally, I enjoyed being in this school because it prepares me to be college ready, career ready, and life ready. It's a safe environment to be in plus everyone you see there is gentle and kind to you.Although the school is good, they still have room for improvement. We are lacking some very important sports teams like football and tennis. Overall I enjoy being in this school.
The teaching staff and administration at Harmony School of Science-High take academics very seriously. The school has many programs and clubs encouraging students to develop their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). I am currently a sophomore at the University of Houston majoring in biochemistry and my goal is to enter medical school to become a primary care physician. My current academic success in college as well as the vast amount of medical knowledge I had acquired can only be accredited to Harmony. The school also enables many students to pursue any non-STEM careers that they desire as well. Art festivals are held with students' works to cultivate the talents of our fine art students. Non-Stem professional workers such as lawyers and entrepreneurs are invited to the school's liberal arts clubs to give talks about their profession and further educate students. I as well as many of my fellow alumni can proudly call ourselves harmony graduates.
I loved the fact that the school is highly academically focused. At harmony they take academic competiotions more seriously that any athletic competition. My biggest cretic of Harmpony would be its large volume of students. When the school first started it was giving alot of attention to every student but now it feel that they are try to get as many students as possible.
I would recommend this school to other parents, because I believe this is one of the few schools, that will help their child exceed the expectations of that of an Ivy League School, by taking several steps to ensure they understand what they are learning, by having a lot of commitment, and by counseling them to make sure they are on the right path.
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While better than public schools, it has certain things that needs to be changed. One such thing is that the school hires teachers who don't really know how to teach or are certified to teach their chosen subject. While they may luck out at times, most of the times the teachers they hire are incompetent.
Harmony School of Science has a great staff and lots of teachers that really care about the education of their students and it's a great environment to learn in. The biggest things they should work to improve on are the lunches they provide and organization.
Positives: College-going culture, focuses on STEM education, practically all students care about their education and future

Negatives: Lack of communication between students, parents, and faculty, difficult to obtain needed information from staff
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