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Harmony Independent School District Reviews

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Harmony independent school district is charter and its a collage prep. Its good to go to a school like harmony because it helps with students prepare for collage and be ready.
I have been a student since my Freshaman year. Played sports including my sport of choice Golf. I respect my teachers and coaches. The student body is where the issues seem to be. If you didn’t grow up in the area you are treated differently. Both myself and younger brother have had many of the same experiences.
Harmony is very small and friendly. We are like a big family and everybody makes you feel welcome. But, I feel like we could use a better curriculum.
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You will not find a closer-knit school community than the one at Harmony. Though we may not all be best friends, we always have each other's backs. We have suffered as a family- through the deaths of three students- and are stronger because of it. Our academics are top-notch, and we have a plethora of students graduating with All-A and A-Average honors each year. For the most part, everyone is involved in school activities-due to the fact that the school offers a large variety of clubs and organizations into which everyone can fit and find themselves.
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