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Harmony Grove School District (Camden) Reviews

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I really enjoyed my last 2 years in high school and signing up for college, scholarships, and Financial Aid early in the semester made my goals a lot easier. Living close to Southern Arkansas University Tech makes transportation easy to see my parents when I start living on the campus. Taking the two year nursing classes rewarded me with college credit and a certificate, before high school graduation. Harmony Grove prepares me with real life scenarios and have a great concealer and guides to get me were I need to be.
I liked the kids i went to school with and the majority of my teachers. It would be nice if the teachers stayed for more than a couple of years before they left
I have attended Harmony Grove School for 13 years. The teachers I’ve had and the friends I’ve made will always have a place in my heart and have made special memories for me. I’ve had teachers who were tough and strict but I know they had to be. Over the years, close friends have changed, but we all remain friends. We have a small class of 52 students. I like it that way. We all know everything about each other and are always there to help one another in need. I hope, after graduation, we all continue to stay in contact and remain close. I was blessed to attend Harmony Grove Public Schools.
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I like Harmony Grove school district because it’s a place that I can go to everyday and see the same people I’ve known since kindergarten. The people of Harmony Grove are so close; whether we win or lose we’re still in it together. I would like to see the band get more recognition for their achievements, but besides that everything else about the school district is great!
We are a close school. Everyone is family there, and everyone is treated with respect. I loved my time at Harmony Grove.
My experience at Harmony Grove high school was a good experience. I dealt with bullying and teachers that didn't care. I had teachers push me to be my best and ones that had favorites and didn't care about the rest of us. Going to HGH was a difficult but a easy day. Friends made school easier. I loved going to school.
I started school here in third grade because my mother wanted us to have a better education here. My years here, I've made many friends, joined band, became a color guard captain, joined clubs, competed, and placed. I've also made honor roll numerous times. I would recommend this school to others if they would like for their child to have a better education. Teachers, Counselors, etc believe in helping students here if they need any help.
The School is okay, but the school system should work a bit better on there rules, though I'm glad the teachers here are able to help us when we're usually stuck on something or confused about what's going on.
It's a decent school compared to the others nearby. I would enjoy if they let us have our rights as students to dye our hair different colors though.
As a student of the Harmony Grove School District, my experience has been very good. The teachers are understanding and motivational towards all students. If you're having trouble, you can have one on one conferences with them and they will help you or address the problems you are having. At Harmony Grove, you are offered numerous clubs and activities. By participating in these activities, you learn to grow and achieve more, which is what I enjoy. However, Harmony Grove could use improvement with its classes. For example, I would like more college hours, but Harmony Grove only offers so many classes. If they could add more AP classes, in my opinion, Harmony Grove would be a five star school. Harmony Grove is a great school district and is growing daily. I would highly recommend more students to attend.
I like the teachers and students at Harmony Grove. I recently just came to this school for my junior year. I was at Sparkman High School and i was super nervous but Harmony Grove has an amazing teacher staff and they support you either way you go. They are like your family. We have amazing administration and kids here. The students are very respectful and are really nice to the new people.
I love Harmony Grove because of the small school atmosphere. Everybody knows each other and supports each other. It is such a friendly environment and it feels like home.
My experience was ok. But I guess you kid of get used to it. The worst thing of all was probably just the low amount of food given. I mean how else is your athletic kids supposed to gain muscle with no proper nutrition to go along with it. Some teachers aren't too bad but they definitely have their awful ones
My experience at Harmony Grove High School was complete and utter hell. The students are all stuckup rich white people who have no clue on how to be nice. The administration in our school is just completely broken. Nobody understands how to run a school or that all of the restrictions they lace do not prepare us for college in any way.
Harmony Grove is wonderful, small school. This allows everyone to be personally involved in various activities and it allows for more one-on-one time with instructors. If I had to change one thing, it would be to put more emphasis on the arts and less on sports to add diversity among the campus.
The school is great, People are eh. I hate the food and can't stand the drama. But overall the esperience has been a life-changing one.
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