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Harmony Grove School District (Benton) Reviews

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I love Harmony Grove School District in Benton, Arkansas! They properly prepare you for any and everything, especially college. You can get all the help you need with anything here. The academics are very good and the faculty is amazing! There are some really great teachers here! Harmony Grove is a really safe school and everybody who goes there love is! I couldn't imagine going to a different school!
Until seventh grade I always attended a large school. Students were never really looked at as more than a number to up their ranking. At Harmony Grove, I can tell a visible difference that I am no longer a number, but my name. I have such a wide variaty of opportunities that would’ve never been given to me anywhere else.
I loved Harmony Grove. I grew up here, I succeeded and failed here. I learned many life lessons from teachers, class, and students, especially my friends. Harmony Grove is my small hometown where I grew up. A lot happened aging to where I am right now. Ready to graduate and head off to college. Looking back on this school where I had many new challenges that helped me through the next ones, I am going to truly miss it. I am going to miss the laughs and tears and moments I got mad at myself. I will look back on this very moment when I graduate and remember that I am a born Cardinal and will never forget it. I am a Cardinal born and raised and I will honor that til the day I die.
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My experience was uneventful. 10/10 would not recommend. However the school does have some good and supportive teachers.
The rednecks, hillbillies, and ignorant countryfolk of this school make it an interesting experience for someone who actually has a coherent thought in their brain.
I loved going to school there! I attended Harmony Grove for 13 years and I loved every minute of it. It was like we were one big family. The only thing I wish we would have learned more about was real life experiences.
The admins are corrupt. College readiness is a joke. Sports gets most of the funding. School culture is in-compassionate and judgmental if you're not a butt kisser. It's a very bigoted community. Don't let your kids near this place.
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