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Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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HCISD offers a variety of resources for kids growing as they make their way to college life. I really benefitted from what they had to offer, and I believe other kids will as well. The community and district itself has a very strong student-teacher relationship and helps students become more aware of the curriculum being taught.
Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District is a very family friendly school district. I high recommend any student that is interested in relocating school districts to try Harlingen School District. The environment of the schools are safe and very reasonable for the protocols they take with every situation. The academic readiness for the students is beyond outstanding. Teachers are eager to work and ready to help all children succeed with their career goals. These are some of the many things why i believe Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District is the School district for everyone.
I have been attending HCISD schools since Kindergarten and I am now a senior. Whenever I moved schools my first couples of days of Kindergarten, I was very nervous. When I arrived it was very welcoming and I met my bestfriend to this day there. The teachers are very nice and the environment the schools offer is very good. I am very glad my mom decided to move me over here because this district has helped me have a good future ahead with school.
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This is district is just amazing! It is a wonderful experience and the staff is so hardworking and ambitious.
Mostly great teachers and overall caring staff. Food has not been the best this year... moldy cheese ad carrots. I feel safe in my school. We work on developing character and scholastic. However, school does not have the best policy for in-district transfers and how the GPA/ranking transfers as well.
Great teachers! We have kids at 4 different HCISD schools. Each have their strengths and communication is welcome if parents engage. Lots of opportunities for different electives, clubs, and sports.
I would love it if they would have prepared us of what’s the real world is going to be for college plus for the teachers actually care to help you learn instead of giving us easy grade work and care about your future, also fixing the campus because it’s in poor condition in some classes
When I attended HCISD in my primary education I always found that the school system there was actually pretty enjoyable. While we didn't always have the newest, cutting-edge resources at our disposal such as computer monitors or tablets, the teachers were always willing to put their best foot forward in helping their students. No teacher was ever perfect, but the dedication they showed us both in the classroom and out on the field reminded me of just how much I enjoyed their teaching and support. The various resources found in their libraries' will always be my most cherished memory as they kept my young, imaginative mind occupied. Whether it was their vast selection of books of entertainment or the resourceful desktops that drew us to the Internet, there was always a way to be whisked away to another world inside of those rooms!
The district offers everything a student could imagine. The continuously-growing school district strives to offer students opportunities to discover who they are and what they wish to become. The district is focused on helping all students prepare for college and for their soon-to-come careers
Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District help stundents work towards success and safety. There are many aspects apart of the organization that help to show students that they are the main focus. Also, there are many traditions that’s HCISD continues to carry on, which creates a warming environment for stundents, staff, and family.
Great place to learn! Excellent staff and teachers that are 100 percent dedicated to the betterment of all students!
I appreciate how the school district honors and pays for the clubs to compete in various competitions. However, most of the students attain very few advanced words in their vocabulary.
I believe its a flourishing school district not only focused on STEM but as well as the Arts and Sports.
My experience has been well, coming from an out-of- state district. I would completely recommend HCISD to everyone!
Harlingen High School is good school, I've been here since sophomore year. I haven't really been involved in any activities. I just like to pass all my classes and graduate and go to college.
It’s been pretty okay but not the best. The food it’s gross and some of the work given is unreasonable.
Not too many AP classes are available. There is very little support for college application process.
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Harlingen school district is a well rounded district doing very well in all things school related and with reaching out to the community in ways that define our district in a good way.
I really enjoyed the teachers. I had a strong connection with most of them and they do very well in educating their students. I hope to see a change in the school lunches.
I liked HCISD because they always helped everyone in need and always keep the students safety a priority.
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