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I like the range of classes that are available at Harlem and that there are a lot of classes for a lot of different people. I have never had a bad experience at Harlem, and proud to be graduating from there.
Harlem High School is very caring and loving school. The faculty and srudents always makes sure everyone is cared for and is doing okay. Harlem has been there for me when no one else was.
There are many ap class options. Also there are great teachers for all subjects especially for English.
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Going to Harlem you hear all the good and bad things about it. There may be fights just like at any other school but I believe the amount of them is going down and compared to other schools in the area it is very safe.
When I went to High School there all the teachers were super great. The students there were kind of not the greatest but I just focused on my school work.
I really like the location of Harlem High School. I also really like all the sports and clubs that the school has to offer. They really encourage students to attend sporting events to support your fellow huskies. I would like to see Harlem get more AP classes available, as there are some AP courses I would have really enjoyed to take. The teachers are very concerned about your success and are willing to come in early or stay late to give you extra help.
Overall, the school is average. There is a large academic gap between the students, which can make classes difficult.
Needs better more attentive hall aids that are not rude to students (not all are rude) good teachers and staff
A wonderful school district and community during our time of loss. Tribute basketball game for Gabriel touched our hearts. So much love and support sent our way.
Very involved with sports, teachers cared about students outside of the classroom by supporting extracurriculars, nice facilities.
Participating in Student Council had the greatest impact in my highschool career. It wasn’t the tests I spent time studying for or the lunch tables giggles I remember the most. It was the planning and organizing before and after school with my friends for homecoming, prom, toy drives, and father/daughter & mother/son dances. Spending time with the friends you’ll never forget are my fondest memories of highschool. It was just another nudge into my drive to help people and to have fun while doing it. The lessons I’ve learned from Student Council will stay with me for every fundraiser, party, or budget committee I am apart of. I have already used a few with my Officer Manager position, and I do not plan on stopping there.
This school is what you make has a lot of opportunities for kids to grow and develop. It has all sort of school clubs, activities, and sports. Community friendly and hosts the special Olympics and other events. Has a wide variety of classes from art to automotive and wielding to academics. It helps students in need. It could do better without a few of the teachers.
I have had a wonderful experience in my twelve years as a Harlem student. The teachers and staff are committed to students both in the classroom and community. I always feel that I am being guided toward greatness. Harlem provides numerous activities for all people to be involved in based on particular interests and desires. One of the best features of Harlem is that they embrace people of all kinds, and teach students to accept differences.
The diversity/School culture is average/terrible like yeah there are different races and cultures like there is a guy in my class who plays the ukulele and says a lot of things in spanish which we all get from his tone but there is no equal punishment for them. The black and latinos can curse and scream and blast their music but the white kids get yelled at by dropping a pen on the ground and not acquiring superspeed to pick it up. The teachers are very good overall. Very few just don't care and even fewer will give you a death stare if you ask a question and not on the team they teach. College Readiness is not a priority at all. Sure, they have the AP classes but they don't go by college standards of writing. They are more concerned with grades than teaching. Safety is as good as it can get without gluing all kids mouths shut because some are so hurt by words. My school is definitely more concerned with political correctness than actually providing a actually learning environment.
I've always enjoyed going to this school. I got a good education and I really liked the sports program.
I had a great experience at Harlem High School. The only thing that I wish they would change is the process of getting students ready for college. Talking more about the availability of Clep exams, having the counselors aware of multiple scholarships available.
Harlem was a good experience for me. I became a leader and allowed my teachers to help mold me. I became team captain in Basketball. The teachers are committed to helping each student achieve their goals. The parents support the school very well. I wouldn't change anything. It was a great change in my life by going to Harlem High School
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I attended Harlem Schools for all of my education. I started at their Kindergarten and graduated high school at Harlem. I never had any issues with staff or their resources. The school and district were exactly what you put into it.
Harlem in comparison to Rockford is a really good school. When I switched to Harlem my grades and outlook on school dramaticly changed. But I would like to see more funding for the Arts. I had a terrible time in art class and didn't have a place where I could use my specific talent. I spent some time helping backstage for the fall play and I can see how disorganized and poorly funded the program is. But hey our Athletics are great! Because that is what's important to the ENTIRE student body.
My experience at Harlem High School could have been better, but it is not something I think I would take back. I feel like I really benefitted from the art department and I particularly enjoyed the Harlem Veterans Project class. However, the administration and student life leaves a lot to be desired. There were simply too many people in one small building, too many class periods in a day giving an unreasonable amount of homework with no time in class to work on, and a unneccessarily strict administrative staff. I felt that many of the teachers were under a lot of stress and the student body was too large. Ultimately however I found that Harlem offered me a wide variety of classes with excellent instruction and real-life skills taught in the curriculum.
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