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Harlandale Independent School District Reviews

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I went to school here and the teachers are really nice, they are there for you. Especially the counselors and some of the teachers.
I am glad I grew up in the Harlandale District. I went to Harlandale High and the culture us Indians have, the rivalry against McCollum, our football games, pep rallies, everything was so much fun and I wish i could re live it. I made friends here that are for a lifetime. It was great growing up there.
I think it’s an okay experience but still needs work on academic wise. It doesn’t really comprehend with any other schools on food wise but sports wise it will get better. I like school and hope that we the students plant the seed for other students such as incoming freshman to set the boundary. The rules are to strict at times but some I may understand why they appear. It’s safe hear and very controlled with all the cameras. The thing is the lockers are always moved because of the football players which is not a good thing for other sports getting kicked out of there cage.
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It was a very friendly environment and many teachers pushed students to succeed. I had a wonderful time when I went there because I loved the extracurricular actives they have and the school spirit. Every day many staff members demonstrated their passion for teaching... at least the ones I met.
I had a good experience because for one it is very close to my house and two the great resources they have for us the student. The HISD is an incredible environment for everyone.
I love Harlan. From the teachers to the students to the school itself. Every one is friendly and generally there is a good atmosphere.
I like how Harlandale Independent School District and especially at Harlandale and McCollum High School that students are given the chance to experience how college is by taking Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses, this helps the students prepare for college's workload. They provide us with college advisors who show us how to apply for scholarships and how to apply to college.
My expérience at harlandale was great then only thing i think that should improve is getting more expérience teachers and then the ones you do have pay good so that they will stay,i think that better teachers make better students. We need to be ready for colledge and i think that wait too late to help us.
The Harlandale Independant School District is a family to me it celebrates divesity and keeps the history of our city alive. What I would like to see change is more eliglibity to trying new things, I want to see my district thinking more of the future but yet keeping the expectations of the past.
I had a food experience at Harlandale. The teaches were nice and there were many resources available.
Harlandale ISD offers a family tradition to its academics, resources and to its extracurricular activities. This school district takes pride in educating the future and making sure it’s students are ready for success. Definitely something to appreciate in the community.
I believe that the Harlandale District is different from all the other Districts. Everyone in the district is basically related and that is not a good thing. What could change is everyone who applies for the jobs are family and they shouldn’t be getting the job on the spot.
Harlandale Independent School District is very deep in its cultural identity and the traditions that are part of the area. Growing up in the district you felt like you were part of something greater than yourself. As a whole the community is a huge family that is proud of where we come from, this pride is shown in the annual Cultural Arts Parade or the annual Frontier Bowl that puts the two rival high schools against each other in the oldest rivalry game in the city.
The experience I had while I was in the Harlandale Independent School District was a very good experience because I was able to become an independent individual. I was able to learn new things everyday and when I did not understand something that was new I was able to ask my teachers and they would explain it tremendously. The school I went to was Harlandale and I was able to learn so many things whether it was school wise, teamwork or just coming together as a community these things have all been factors in my time as being a student in this district and at the high school, I have learned all of these separate factors and have used them all together when I come back to help and be involved with the districts community.
Gear Up program is outstanding for students.Provides lots of support guidance and tools to prepare students for college
I am an out of district student, but I chose to come to this district because of the opportunities presented. Their early college high school is a great opportunity to earn up to an associates degree while still in high school. The district as a whole is absolutely concerned for and cares for the people of this community.
Harlandale Independent School District is an average district where you don't have to wear a uniform. The teachers are really good, but like any place there are some who need to work on talking to students or parents. The students are the same as any other district, you got your different groups of students, the bad and the good. My only problem with this district is that so many students have become less interested in learning and more interested in causing trouble. There is no discipline any more and the discipline that there is doesn't set any of the students back on track. This is just something to look out for when or if you go into this district.
I honestly love the harlandale district. The faculty and staff are so understanding and they care so much about the students and understand that we also have a life outside of school. They do everything to assure that we are passing and that we reach our goals. They take time out of their schedules to help us in what we need. I love everything about it.
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I love this school district as a graduate. The band is amazing and the football games are the best. The only thing i would change is nothing, everything is perfect and look forward to the future of this district.
horrible the school does not really help out. The counselors don't really help out with scholarships.
This was a very good school. They always provided me with college information and we're very welcoming.
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