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Harlan Community School District Reviews

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Overall, this is a great district and I am grateful to have grown up in such an amazing small town. The teachers are great. I can tell they genuinely care about you and your grades.
I had a great academic experience during my time at Harlan. I feel like I received an education above the national average and it would be a good place for anyone looking to live in the area.
Harlan Community is a safe place for a growing person to receive an education. In a largely rural setting, morals and community engagement are emphasized for the continued progress that we may all benefit from. There are some discrepancies though that can be addressed. Too much funding and attention is attributed to the high school football team. Another issue, that may have been addressed, in the six years since my own graduation, is that there is little readiness for students to go to college and stick with a program of higher education. Students would particularly benefit from continued education on the benefits of entering a trade or skill based school that gives hands on learning while providing a solid education and a learned candidate for living a sustainable, socially ethical life. There is the potential for this school system to grow beyond the bounds of a football field, but it will require the combined efforts of student, parent, and administrative groups to succeed.
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At Harlan Community School District you have opportunities for one on one with your teachers. You also have many athletic opportunities.
Harlan pay a lot of attention to their students. They care about their college readiness. Giving the students time out of school, with many sports and clubs. Harlan is a great school. The only thing the school could change is the food, because food is very important.
Smaller school gives you a personal experience. You are more than a number and they offer many college classes and updated technology resources.
This was a very encouraging school to attend due to its many programs within the student body. Although the school should focus more upon the liberal arts programs, such as band, vocal, and other art classes, it excels in each area of academic and athletic programs. There should be more time and money focused on programs other than sports due to the talent of kids who go through the school.
It was a great school, students were friendly. Staff for the most part was student friendly. A couple issues with the bathrooms such as no doors on some stalls. All in all though, pretty good school.
I loved going to school in Harlan. The teachers and education provided are great! I will definitely be enrolling my children here when I have them.
The students and teachers set their academic and school activity goals high! The school district has respect for one another and do many charitable events.

If I could change one thing about HCSD, it would be for them to be more inclusive no matter what the economic status of the student within the community. Teachers can sometimes be biased or have favoritism towards certain students.
Harlan Community High School is a great school with teachers who are focused on students and their learning. I felt like I had a wide variety of class options to choose from in Harlan, and could ask and receive help if I ever needed it from my teachers. One thing I wish that would've been different was that students would be treated more fairly. Sometimes I felt like teachers graded unfairly or would favor some students. However, I loved the opportunities HCHS offered me and was able to step up as a leader and step out of my comfort zone. I was able to grow as an individual and get involved in not only my school, but also my community.
There are many things I like about the Harlan Community School District. To start, we have amazing staff, and teachers! All are committed to helping us students learn. We have awesome coaches in all of the sports offered at Harlan Community High School. The art classes are my favorite, taught by a skilled artist Dough Renkly. Him and his class made me want to continue on my art journey and become and art teacher! We do not have block scheduling, which might be one thing I would like to change. Also, the food is not that good, I would love to have more options at lunch and better quality food. I feel like if they changed this, there would be a lot more students eating lunch at school rather than going out to eat and bringing their own cold lunches everyday.
Harlan Community School District is a place where everyone knows each other. My experience at HCSD was not what I wanted to experience. The district always has and always will place sports above academics and the arts. Being a student who participated in both band and choir it was difficult being accepted and I was constantly looked down upon for not participating in sports.
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