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I loved my experience, I would change the time school starts though. School starts too early for students to learn properly. Students would benefit from a later start time.
They are determined to help students learn and teachers always put forth their best effort when it comes to the education of students. Safety is a really big thing here in Harford County. precautions are taken in order to ensure safety for all students and administration. There are practice fire drills and lockdowns that take place often to ensure that everyone knows what to do in any case of emergency. Overall a friendly environment and a positive place.
In my experience, HCPS has been a good provider of education throughout the years. They have very good teachers and the sports activities are very fun and exciting. I recommend HCPS!
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Overall it is very good. The teachers have all different types of personalities so it really depends on what you look for in a teacher wether you like them or not. Cafeteria food is like all other underfunded public schools. Girls bathrooms only have 3 stalls while the guys have 5 urinals and 3 stalls so that sucks. We only have one cop who is smaller than 5’4 and 110 pounds... Many many school clubs and sports games and activities and such, plenty to get involved in. Dress code policy is straight up bs. The guidance counselors are very very helpful, nice, and involved with all their students.
I think I had an advantage in Harford County Public Schools that not everyone else did because I was in a magnet program so when Harford County had to make cuts to some programs, I was effected less than the average student. However, I was severely disappointed with HCPS and how they handle inclement weather and the budget of their programs. This includes not closing schools or cancelling after school activities when the weather was a clear concern, and the handling of the county swim program.
What I liked about Harford county was that it is diverse and provides many options to student. What i didn’t like was that not all sports are an option
the school district keeps making cuts due to some money issues. they give students of say in fighting against the boards decisions and really take it into consideration. the food isn’t the best but nacho grande on thursdays are always something i look forward too. the teachers are good, some better than others but overall they care about teaching and making sure their students really understand what they’re learning!
I went to Patterson Mill middle school and then attended Patterson Mill high school. Thinking back, my time there was very nice. I remember having fun. The teachers were compassionate about the subjects they were teaching, and they also taught extremely well. I took an AP class which was taught well. I did learn a lot, but unfortunately did forget some it as time went on after high school finished. Overall, the experience was incredible, and would not change it for the world.
I liked that i was able to take some of the classes that I wanted to without having any problems. I didn't like that some of the coaches for certain sports had no idea what they were doing, they costs us a few seasons that we could have had a better chance at winning.
My experience within the Harford County Public Schools system was challenging in the beginning because I transitioned from home school. However, once I found my stride, I became heavily involved in the HCPS school culture. There is a healthy dose of school spirit and pride within the HCPS schools with a firm commitment to academics, extra-curricular activities, and college-readiness. The strong friendships and camaraderie fostered will last a lifetime.
I like that Harford County Public Schools keeps their schools clean and up to date with newer technology to help their students learn. They care very much for the safety of all students as each school has a police officer on site which is good in this day in age with all the shootings taking place. They make sure that they are providing healthy meals for the students. There have been numerous teachers in HCPS that have been up for prestigious awards like one teacher (Mrs.Stanton) at my former school, Bel Air High School, just won teacher of the year for the state of Maryland. One thing I wish that HCPS would change is to let their students have a little free speech, the super intendant said that students were not allowed to walk out of class when the students across the US did the walkout for gun violence.
The staff is amazing and I would like to see the county prioritize teacher pay and smaller class sizes, so that we can keep the amazing staff and teachers that we have.
I always felt very safe in Harford County Public Schools. My middle school experience was lacking (NHMS), but Norrisville Elementary and North Harford High School have been an exceptional experience. I would start a mentoring program for all incoming freshman if I could change something.
Harford County Public Schools allows for students to be welcomed and get a great education from caring teachers as well as an inclusive student body. All facilities are kept nice and clean and technology is all up to date as well. Teachers are always willing to help students and care not only about academics but personally too.
Much of the time it felt as though the school board made decisions that drastically affected the students without getting their or their parents opinion.
I enjoyed my last 3 years in Harford County Public Schools, I have meet some awesome teachers. They go out of their way to help you understand the material that they are teaching. The counselors are very knowledgeable and helpful as well. I would change the food selections, include more healthy items.
I like the diversity in my given school area, as we are a magnet school so we have people from all over the county of all backgrounds. What I would like to see change is more funding for the arts or music programs and less of it going to the male sports programs
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Overall, I loved the experience of being in Harford County Public Schools. Many of the students and faculty throughout all schools are supportive and kind to one another. There are times when schools throughout HCPS get to together to support each other in big events like state championships. The entirety of HCPS has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and makes it one of the best counties to go to school!
I liked the overall experience of Harford County Public Schools, but I am glad that I am graduating. I would like to see a change in the way teachers treat their students and the way students treat their teachers.
my overall experience at Harford county public schools has been good. the teachers are helpful and are truly there to help you grow. I wish they had tried to help us more with the college search. I had no idea what i was doing when i started looking but i found my way.
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