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Hardin Northern Local School District Reviews

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I went to Hardin Northern for eleven years, and some years were better than others. The last year (my sophomore year) was not that worst for me, I struggled the most then. I am now a senior at a different school. I will say I did have good grades there that ranged from A’s-C’s and I am a very hard working student. The school has many pros and cons but it overall wasn’t a good fit for. Such as, some of the teachers are very supporting and want to see you succeed and they do provide a safer environment. This is just my personal opinion.
Attending Hardin Northern all of my life has helped to give me an edge up on my future. With staff that pushes you in the right direction and plenty of opportunities available, any student will flourish here. A small, tight-knit community helps students to feel as if they belong and have a place here. There are always community members willing to help with all types of events and extra-curriculars. Hardin Northern offers plenty of CCP opportunities and can give participating students an abundance of credit hours to help them with their future education. All-in-all, Hardin Northern provides an exceptional learning environment that gets the most it can out of any student that wants the best for their future.
Offers individualized learning through one on one activities and small class sizes. Students can not only be prepped for college, but living independently through Family Consumer Science Courses and Agriculture classes.
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What I like about Hardin Northern High School is that it is a pretty small student body so we are all very familiar with each other. All of teachers and staff here are very helpful and are always worried about our education.
I went to Hardin Northern for the full 13 years, and I would not have chosen another school to go to. Everybody was friendly, all of the teachers were understanding, and the lessons actually taught you.
I enjoy the small knit classes. We all see eachother as basically family. I would like to see more involvement at the school.
I thought it really helped me apply to the different scholarships. You had to only type in you information once and then pick the scholarships you wanted.
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