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Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District Reviews

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Hardin-Jefferson is an excellent school for academics and college readiness. The school facilities could use some work, since there was so much damage after Hurricane Harvey.
Hardin Jefferson is the best place to have your kids in school in SETX. The teachers are amazing and they hold us to a higher standard. I’m truly grateful to be at HJ!
There really isnt much I do like but there also isnt much I dont like. I will admit its a safe school but its also WAY TOO STRICT. Any little thing will get you in trouble. Like dress code or not wearing you ID badge. I really dont like those ID badges because to every teacher at the school your just another number in the system youre not important
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I have had a great experience at HJ. I think all of my teachers have prepared me for college. While at Hardin Jefferson, I've adopted good study habits and time management skills.
Hardin-Jefferson is the best school district in southeast Texas when it comes to academics as almost every student ends up moving on to college. There are little to no fights throughout the year and the biggest discipline problem (only) tends to be tardiness as well as dress code related problems. A few rules seem a little extra sometimes, but if that's the biggest problem a district has it has to be defined as a really good school.
Hardin Jefferson Highschool is one of the safest schools in the area. The academics are also top notch. The principal is a big stickler for the rules, but he’s just doing his job. The majority of the teachers are very good at what they and if you are looking for a good education and safety then this is the place for you.
Hardin Jefferson is a great community to learn. It has great teachers that do their best to help each student. The teachers do a great job of planting the knowledge that is needed into the students heads.
More support from the Administration would be helpful. Overall the school is one of the best in the area, if it wasn't I would not have my child going there.
I attend this school now and I'm very proud that I get to graduate from this school in the year of 2018. The teachers are great and so is all the staff members. This school is a safe and a very clean environment.
Well organized and great teachers who care about the students and their school district. They cared deeply about the success of their students and strived to see us do our best and were always there
Hardin Jefferson Independent School District provides a warm welcoming environment for students to be educated. The academics and teachers are great quality, and help is always provided when sought. One detail I wish would be modified in the district would be the variety of cafeteria food.
Hardin-Jefferson completely prepared me for College. The academics are competitive and strong. The teachers are great. They are beyond willing to give extra help. I had teachers that would stay until 7 at night doing after school tutorials. I would recommend Hardin-Jefferson to everyone!
At Hardin Jefferson, there's a small community that everyone is very involved with, where people are friendly for the most part. However, due to the school's budget, teachers are way overworked with an outrageous, minimal salary. Students are expected to complete a very rigorous course load, that brings extreme stress but prepares for college.
Growing up in the Hardin Jefferson School district, has been such an honor due to the small town, cozy feel. Everybody has practically grown up with each other, everybody knows your kin, and where you're from; I just love that
Hardin-Jefferson is overall a great school. The students there are well behaved compared to other schools in our area. The teachers prepare you well for college as well as the real world by being strict but also personable toward us. The only thing I would change about HJ are the school rules. They are, in mine and many others people's opinions, way too stiff and unnecessary considering how behaved most students are.
I like that it is a bully-free campus. Everyone there feels free to be themselves. The education provided at HJ is very extensive and highly ranked in our area. I like the rule system because it really keeps our students in line. The behavior of our student body is very respectable.
It is my favorite school district! The academics are amazing and the teachers are great. After going to Hardin Jefferson, I know that I am prepared for college.
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