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Hardin County School District Reviews

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The feel at Hardin County High School and throughout the school system is very family oriented. Teachers work to help the kids with not only their academics but also any needs physically or mentally in their lives. Sporting events pulls the whole community together and shows how much pride we have.
I have graduated this year and I would love to see more academic events within our school. We have a a good diversity of clubs and sports. None of them involve academic events. An example of this being debate club.
Hardin County is a close knitted community. The teachers and staff are very involved in a student's education for the most part. They always try there best to help students in the best way possible.
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The school does everything they can to prepare students for college, and they do what is necessary to provide students with a safe learning environment.
I was enrolled in the Hardin County school system my entire life and I am very proud to me an alumni of such a profound public school. The facility and staff ensure that students are treated with respect and respect is expected to be given in return. Also not to mention that awesome amount of school spirit that the students, teachers, and administrators have!!
The Hardin County School District is great. The teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. If you love small towns with amazing football games under the Friday night lights, attending HCHS is perfect for you. The only suggestion I would give is to the district is that I wish there could have been more opportunities to be ready for college.
Their communication with parents is abysmal at best. Their concerns are the TCAP and Athletics only. They do nothing to control/punish bullying except to constantly say it's wrong yet refuse to adequately punish the bullies however if a child defends themselves, punishment will be swift and harsh.
The school and teachING staff are excellent. The guidance counselor open door policy is very important and very helpful for students concerning school activities and outside of school support. I would really like for HCHS to have a club for African American students to socialize and promote culture.
Hardin County School District is great overall. There are several problems that need to be corrected such as bullying, teacher's qualifications, school lunch, etc. I have had a good experience with the HC school district overall.
The education at Hardin County is decent given that it is a public school. The people there are also very helpful but to those they know not to outsiders.
Its a good school.They really care about security. Some teachers strive to make you better student. They care about their students. They get free time.
This school has a pretty good teaching staff. They have good tutors to assist kids who struggle with classes. They also have a great extracurricular activites.
I went to this school district my entire life. the teachers were always kind and helpful. most would help you more than enough.
Hardin county school district has a lot of diversity and opportunity. Coming from Fort Knox we don't feel as welcome to the other schools due to high military population and the other kids aren't as welcoming but we still have nice schooling.
Not a great school. The best thing I can say is that it is safe. Most teachers don't care and do not prepare the students for college.
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