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Hardin County Schools has an amazing staff that are so loving and caring. The students are amazing and always strives for success. I as a student loves the environment that the staff provides for us.
I like how diverse the school community is and how accepting students can be to all cheer together as one student body. Something I would change is how much consideration admin takes into students.
Hardin County Schools covers a large portion of my area. Our schools cover all aspects of education and prepare students for the next step in their lives.
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The only thing I would really like to see change in the Hardin County School District is the unity. I think all the schools in the district should be more unified so when a student transfers from one to the other, they're still on track to graduate on time, etc.
Hardin County schools offers a diverse environment for all students. There are a mixture of military and non military students who attend. The teachers are there to support the students at all levels. Would like to see more string instruments in the schools offered as classes as that would allow more students to partake in various courses rather than regular band.
Caring teachers and staff. Strive to provide a good education for every student. Lots of opportunities to join school clubs and/or athletics.
The main thing I love about Hardin County Schools is the Early College and Career Center. EC3 has many opportunities for high schools students. They offer Health Sciences, Film. Welding, Automotive, and many more. At the end of 12 weeks students take a test in their area and earn real life certifications that can be used in the real world. As for me I have earned and EKG certification and a Phlebotomy certification. Hardin County Schools is leading kids to a great path. Through Hardin County Schools students leave college and career ready!
I liked the idea of Central Hardin having “Power Hour” as it helps students manage their time, however; I do believe Hardin county schools as a whole needs to spread diversity more.
I am a student at a Hardin County Public School and the school is very diverse and friendly. My experience has been quite well. I feel safe at my school and i am glad to graduate from there. One thing i would say could use improvement on is grading systems and more fun actuvites for students at the schools.
Hardin county public schools are among the best in the state. You won’t go wrong by choosing to prepare for college and career life in Hardin county.
The education is good, could use a wider variety of classes. Students are nice, as well as the teachers.
HCS is small enough that students are known by their teachers but big enough to offer a variety of programs.
Overall, I had a good experience at Hardin County Public Schools. I had really great teachers who made things fun, it was easy to make friends , and I enjoyed coming to school. One thing that could improve is the diversity though. Some of my schools were very diverse while others really lacked diversity. It would be nice to see my former schools become more diverse in the upcoming years. One other thing is that I wish that there had been more options when it came to choosing classes. I would've loved to see different science classes and different launguages.
I loved the experience overall, especially the way the school, band teacher and many of the teachers, had helped guide me in a way that is beneficial to my education and future.
"We are family" is something I hear my school's principal say often. I always thought it was a joke, there's no way that a school this large could ever be a family. I thought that until one day I needed their support. I was going through a difficult time with my family, my dad retired and he wasn't working. John Hardin provided me with food, clothes and school supplies. I really appreciated them for that, and it really made me feel apart of something.
They are always looking out for students and are always wanting to help. I wouldn't want to change really anything.
The ppl I met and interacted with. Trojan pride and spirit was big in our community. Team Rivalries made us a better school. We started out in the lowest percentile and ended up on top due to support from our teachers and staff.
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Hardin county schools are very nice. Lots of diversity. I think if Hardin county public schools add some after school programs for high school students for their career pathway the students would love it so much.
not much academic recognizition given here in this county. However, college readiness is average but education priorities continue to progress
It's has been a very interesting 12 years of schools in Hardin County. I have had different unusual experiences with the way teachers teach around here.
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