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Hardeman County School District Reviews

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I was a student in this district before I switched over to Gateway Christian Schools. The schools are very unorganized and do not care about their students.
Hardeman County School District has always been home to me. As I have grown so has the school district. They are very fair to everyone and no matter what your situations are they are always there to help. The overall experience I have had has been very good but I would love to see the equipment updated and faster computer connection.
It is very clear where priorities lie in the schools, and this could be improved. However, I do not feel like I could have gotten any better of an education in a different area.
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Overall, the school district of Hardeman is very poor. Throughout the years we have made due with the money we had to give the students the education they want to achieve. Hardeman County could use a bit more money, but I have enjoyed my thirteen years in this district.
I like that most of the teachers and staff in the Hardeman County school district are very friendly and helpful to those that need it. I also like that the schools are very club and study focused for those that really want to excel academically. As a current student in the school district, I can attest that the honor and dual credit classes have been a very big help to me and I am glad that I chose to take those type of classes; however, what I do not like about the Hardeman County school district is the food. I have been in the Hardeman County school district since I was in kindergarten and over the years I can honestly say that the food has not been very good at all, and that is what I would like to see changed the most.
I had 7 surgeries throughout my junior and senior year. The staff at Central High School worked hard to help me in any way they could. My physical well-being and special needs were always of great concern, and I am grateful. My teacher assisted me in entering clinical studies despite my frequent absences, and this will be very helpful for me when I enter college. The teachers and administration go the extra mile for their students. I am proud to be part of the Central High School Class of 2017.
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