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Hardee County Schools is a better than average County because of the academics and sports that help with students in school. A change I would like to see is the discipline the High School has towards the students behavior and attitude. I would also like to see teachers perspective about college change because they don't show opportunities and career openings for students enrolled in school.
I have lived in Hardee county all my life. It is an amazing school system but it has a few flaws. The “getting ready for college” train is a huge success. The system is pushing everyone to go to college and we have an amazing program called avid. Our teacher and administration is nice but not good to work with.
Hardee county schools are great schools to have children attend. The teachers administrators and staff care deeply for each student and ensure that they are learning in school. Saftey and education is the top priority at Hardee county schools
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This school experience is the best if you are reaching for the stars with your academics. Because other than your honors, AP, and DE classes they don't really care. they like their brightest students and athletes.
Hardee County is a small town in Florida, who offer great education to you children. We have courses such as Nursing in high school and child hood development
I liked how Hardee County schools focuses each students' education. We all learn differently and our Education Board understands that.
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