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Harborfields Central School District Reviews

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People are terrible, teachers don’t teach they just talk to students and not useful at all you can go to your locker during lunch and the food sucks
Harborfields Central school district is amazing with continuous opportunities, and well-rounded students. They have amazing staff across all four schools with very dedicated teachers. The students are also amazing with the extra time and thought they put into their extra-curricular activities to build the "HFamily" saying. From sports, leadership, student government, HF news team, drama club etc.
the teachers are pretty good and everything but the student body as a whole is terrible. they students spend all their time drinking and smoking. people juul in the bathrooms so much that perpetually smell like cotton candy. the bullying is there but the teachers can't see it. everyone talks behind everyone's back and are the epitome of fake. no one actually cares about each other. gym is a joke, the lacrosse players get a pass for not participating because they have games but dancers are seen as lazy for not participating although they spend grueling hours at dance each day. in conclusion everyone is fake, everyone is stoned or addicted to nicotine and no one cares
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Being a student and growing up in the district was very fun and enjoyable. The teachers were mostly good and I always felt safe and was happy to go there to see my friends and learn.
Great experience, though a bit of a narrow perspective. Community is excellent and engaging and academics are challenging with many opportunities for honors and AP coursework. Teachers care about their students' success.
Harborfields school district is a top notch academic program that prepares you for the next level. It is a great community with great people and involved parents.
Harborfields is a small school with tons of charms. Being the small school we are, really lets the students feel a sense of unity with their peers and even the teachers and staff at the school.
Great education with great motivations to learn. Just a little to stringent on policies. Teachers allocate extra help as much as possible. School sports are competitive.
Harborfields is a very loving and supportive school district. The students are always looking out for each other, and the parents are very involved. The staff in all four of Harborfields' schools are always looking to help the students and make sure that they have the best educational experience possible. Harborfields also has a fantastic athletic program.
The Harborfields Central School District equipped me with the necessary tools and mindset to be successful in college. The rigor of the AP classes offered in the high school allowed me to prepare for college, and understand what to expect.
Harborfields School District is an amazing place to raise a family, get a top of the line education and be in a community that is 100% behind the teachers and administrators. The PTA is incredible and works to enhance the opportunities the students have. Our administration is always looking to offer more to the students, often without the additional funding.
amazing faculty! teachers will do anything for the best interests of their students. education isnt their number one priority at harborfields , the growth and development of every individual student into the amazing adult they will become is the absolute goal for every member of hfs staff. however, the students are very cliquey. everyone seems very friendly at first, but cyber bullying is one of hfs biggest issue. along with issues; the security and overall safety aspect is lacking. the food is also horrendous; except for the cafeteria muffins which are a 10/10, highly recommend. there is little funding into STEM programs or the arts, but lots of AP courses are available. harborfields teachers deserve an award for going a step further into solidifying their student’s futures.
My favorite thing about my time in the Harborfields Central School District has been the sense of community we have, known as the HFamily. Families, teachers, and the administration all come together to support one another and, quoted by my favorite teacher, "Continue to make a difference."
Harborfields offers a lot of great experiences. The teachers are for the most part very engaging and do a good job. We offer a lot of AP classes and it is pretty normal for students to graduate with around 8 or 9 AP credits. I am heavily involved in the school's music program, which is very good. There are many great opportunities if you are involved in the music groups outside of school. For example, our jazz band took a trip to New Orleans last year. I would like to see greater funding going into STEM here at Harborfields however. I am part of the robotics team which was started a few years ago, but doesn't get adequate funding from the district. We also lack STEM and engineering classes here which I think a lot of students benefit from. That being said, Harborfields really is a second family for me. I feel so comfortable here and I'm so happy I've had the experiences I've had.
I loved how close everyone in Harborfields was. We were a close community that forced everyone to be driven and excel in our school work
Nice teachers. Overbearing administration. They are too controlling of the parents and students. What ever happened to schools being a place for learning?
Incredible educators, education and guidance. My experience was second to none, and I have made it to where I am today because of what I lived and learned at Harborfields.
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Harborfields is a very friendly district- HFamily is basically the motto around there. All the teachers do their best to help students, both in terms of schoolwork and personal issues. HF is an award-winning district, as 3 schools have won the National Blue Ribbon Award (Thomas J. Lahey Elementary School, Oldfield Middle School, and Harborfields High School), and HF students always excel at tests, including APs and SAT/ACT.
For the past 12 years of my education I have greatly enjoyed being enrolled in the Harborfields Central School District. Not only does the district support a strong academic foundation for its students, but it also creates and comfortable, fun, and friendly learning environment. Harborfields is a place where most students don't mind going to school, they embrace it. The close, friendly feeling is very alive is the halls of Harborfield's schools, supporting what we call our 'HF Family'.
Harborfields is a wonderful district that really focuses on the aspect of family, which ultimately creates a wonderful learning environment for everyone. The teachers are amazing and truly cater to each student's personal needs, which I find truly amazing. The administration is wonderful and they truly know what they are doing with the school. We may be a small district, but that is what makes us so special. We are a closed campus, and the security here makes it so that no students can cut class. The rigor of the classes prepares the students for truly anything. There is a wide variety of clubs for students to choose from such as Mock Trial and Athletes Helping Athletes. For lunches, students have plenty of healthy options to choose from and Boars Head stations are placed in the middle school and the high school. Our district is one family and that is what is truly unique.
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