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I'm a seinor and it was a pretty good four years academic wise...but the people their age not used to a diversity change...wouldn't go back
Every person in the staff cares about the students and their wellbeing within the school day. Everyone works their hardest for all students to be happy and to receive the best education possible.
The Honors classes were amazing and challenging. Some of the regular class teachers could be quite rude sometimes and the principal didn't dress appropriately.
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The AP courses prepare you for the academic rigor at public and private universities. The teachers were very thorough and challenged you in every aspect.

What I would hope to see change is the requirement for all students to take a certain amount of AP courses. I feel that this could best prepare students for the next step in their education (undergraduate degree).

The Harbor Creek School District staff, in general, was always helpful and had the right answers!
I loved how many extra curricular extracurriculars were, but I didn’t like that the nurse would talk poorly about all of the students to other students.
I enjoyed my experience at Harbor Creek School district. Everyone is friendly and your path you take is based upon you and you're not forced into any classes or choices unless it is a requirement to graduate.
At Harborcreek Highschool there are either very involved teachers or teachers are there for a paycheck. The school strongly lacks in diversity and are mainly a white school. They have good sports programs but clubs and extracurriculars lack in reaching out to students and if it is not a main sport the school does little fund clubs. The guidance office does as much as they can to help you prepare for SAT's, college applications and even if you are not going to college they try their best to help you for after school life.
Harbor Creek school district was a wonderful place to get my education. The faculty were very engaging with students and always willing to go the extra mile to hello better their education.
I think it is a great school district. The teachers and administration are always looking for ways to give variety and opportunities to the students. I wish more time was spent on career choices and interests over all four years of high school. I also feel the business classes should have honors or AP options for those students wanting to prepare for college level business degrees.
I like that teachers at Harbor Creek truly care about the students, and that the majority of them put in the time and effort to help students progress and succeed in life. I wish that the school would be diverse; it has a majority of white, christian students, and a lot of their views (which are the same) really put a damper on the high school experience.
I liked that the school district was very tight-knit. Everyone seemed like family. The teachers were very organized as a whole and the school was usually a clean environment.
Pretty good school, the teachers actually care. Lots of interesting classes like psychology, painting, criminal justice, and we even have a speech and debate class. I think we have a pretty a-okay school.
I hated this school. If you don't play sports, you don't fit in. The school mostly cares about sports. The education was okay. The food was terrible.
Harbor Creek High School is a great school. The staff is wonderful to work with, they are always willing to work with and help their students. I would recommend Harbor Creek High School to others.
Harbor Creek administration and staff do everything in their power to prepare you for college and help you find thousands of scholarships to help pay for it to. The teachers care about their students and want them to achieve their highest potential possibly, both academically and otherwise. They push you to be the best you you can be. The only down side is the lack of diversity in the student body and the small student body, but if that is what you need then this school is perfect.
Harbor Creek school district is okay I loved the sports and what the teachers taught us. The one thing i would change would be the bullying policy they say they will not tolerate it but when it happens they turn their heads.
Being a suburban school district, Harbor Creek offered the comfort and safety a good education require. The academics were rigorous and prepared me well for college. The wide array of extracurricular activities made it easy to pick areas in which I could excel. Educators and administrators actually showed a caring attitude toward their students and did their best to make sure we succeeded.
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My overall experience at Harbor Creek is overall very well. I like the atmosphere and the administration is great! Most of the students are very close and are welcoming to each other whether they have been at HC all their life or come from another school. One thing they could fix up though is the Senior High gym, it's a bit worn down and needs redone. Other than that, Harbor Creek School District is a fantastic school district!
I think Harborcreek is a very tightly-knit community, where pretty much everyone knows everyone. The schools that I've attended (clark school and the high school) have really been a great experience. I am very glad that I ended up in this school district.
The administration needs to take a step back and see that some of there actions are not benefitting the students. I have made some outstanding friendships with other students and teachers that I will cherish forever.
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