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Harbor Beach Community Schools Reviews

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Harbor Beach Community Schools has great staff, teachers, and students! It offers many opportunities to learn more about going to college. Harbor Beach also does its best to improve!
Harbor Beach is a very close-knit school with faculty and other students that really care about each other. The sports teams are very successful and the education is top-notch.
Harbor Beach Community School is a safe and friendly school that is willing to help anybody at any time. This school has helped me become who I am today and taught me how to have good morals and I will go far in life.
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I liked the small class size and the athletics. I did not like some of the teachers, some of them were subpar, but some were very good
Overall, Harbor Beach Community Schools have treated me very well. I have created so many friendships not just with my fellow peers, but also my teachers. I gave Harbor Beach a four star because there are some factors they can work on. To conclude, Harbor Beach Community Schools is a great place to learn, get active, and have a great time.
I enjoyed the environment that Harbor Beach Community Schools surrounded me with. I am most certain that my own children will attend this school in future years. I would like to see the school work on offering different courses that relate to fields that kids want to go into. I would also like to see improved school lunches.
It is a nice little town that revolves around the school. They do a lot of things right here. The food could improve. Other than that there is not too much too compare about.
The teachers are alwasy smiling and always asking how your day is going. As soon as I started at Harbor Beach I felt welcomed. I have made many friends along the way. There are many activities to do here and also many athletic sports to play.
This school has immense school spirit just permeating as soon as you step in the doors. Everyone knows about each other and cares for one another. I love being a pirate, the opportunities this school has given me, the people I met here, the staff, everything about Harbor Beach is amazing.
Harbor Beach Community Schools are a great place to learn. The teachers all help you the best they can and we have many sports. Although I have been here for only four years, it feels like home to me.
It has been a great time here at HB, I’ve been here since kindergarten. I’ve had great experiences. I’d like to thank the school district.
Harbor Beach Community Schools is very good with academics and athletics. We keep our school fairly clean and most of the people are very nice.
I enjoy the sports and the experience I have received. I also really like how if I need help in a certain class I can get that help with the small classroom size which makes the student to facuality relationship closer. I also like how my teachers are also my coaches so I get to know them very well, and I feel like sports help me in getting good grades in those classes.
My experience with Harbor Beach Community Schools has been really great because it is a small school but offers many opportunities for my educational growth. In this school, I'm surrounded by the best staff and group of friends that I could ask for. I would like to see the school add more activities for the students to participate, both academics and community-related.
I like attending Harbor Beach schools because of the friendly environment. Everyone fits in and they all get along well.
I love the school I am currently enrolled in. Located in the one-stop-light town of Harbor Beach, Michigan, it's an everybody-knows-everybody kind of place. All the teachers are so dedicated to providing us with the best education possible. With such a small school I have oodles of one-on-one time available with all of my teachers. I am so happy with Harbor Beach Community School and all of the memories made inside it.
I really like Harbor Beach because the teachers really work hard to help you improve. Everyone respects each other and truly cares about everyone. We always have fun but work comes before play. Everybody is treated equally and nobody is ever left out. The staff is all very kind and welcoming. Since Harbor Beach is so small everyone knows each other and it feels like one big family.
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I have been going to Harbor Beach School for over 10 years now and It has been awesome. The teachers are great and you are always guaranteed a wonderful time at our school.
I feel Harbor Beach School is an excellent school. The teachers are caring and administration are always looking out for the kids. It is a safe, caring environment to receive one's education.
I'd like to see more diversity and less drama. Seems simple, right? It really is, but people always have to get the last word.
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