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The most amazing thing about HC is the family atmosphere. I didn’t realize how “homey” the atmosphere was until I ventured out into another city, like Athens. The band is what especially made my experience amazing. The people in it are your family, and no one would ever see to it that you’re having a bad day without trying to make you laugh. The teachers really care about their students here, and I’m proud to call it my home.
Haralson County offered me many opportunities to grow and succeed in life. The have prepared me for the real world and I will forever be grateful.
Terrible Low scores, low potential and opportunity to prepare for decent universities- FILTHY!! Mold, outdated and not clean at all!! teachers don’t seem to take growth very seriously and most students are not serious about learning in the classrooms, would not recommend this school to anyone moving to area
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Haralson County has given me many opportunities to enhance my education. The many intellegent teachers push their students to be sucessfull in many ways.
The teachers worked very hard to teach the students. They took up cell phones in class so you would pay attention. Doing so made more of us get past the 9th grade and 10th and soon 11th
One thing I can truly applaud Haralson County schools for is that the majority of the teachers TRULY care. They don’t just teach the students because it’s their job. It’s a passion for them and they truly care about the students and their well being. Since the faculty care so much about the well being of students, the campus is also rather safe. The administration really tends to stick to their rules, which can be a great thing for the safety of students. The school also has great programs and sports to be a part of. The campus itself (especially the bathrooms) could especially use some remodeling and special care. The student body lacks diversity, but you can’t expect much for the area anyways.
Primary and Elementary provide caring atmosphere. Test scores low at each school. Leadership at high school does not provide an atmosphere that promotes learning for all. Favoritism rampant. High School satisfied with little growth and poor test scores
The band program is amazing. I would like to see changes in getting kids ready for college, the school doesn't prepare us enough for it.
I enjoyed the school class sizes, and the teachers. I would like to see the school upgraded it was very dirty, and some places in the school were covered in mold.
My experience at Haralson County High School is pretty amazing. The school has teachers who would not only teach, but also to listen to students' problems. The food is always so good whether you eat breakfast or lunch there.
Haralson County has a mix of good and bad teachers. It has a friendly atmosphere where you know, everyone.
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