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Hanover Public Schools has been nothing but the best experience. Being a senior and having graduated June 1 I am proud to say I am an alum of Hanover schools! The teachers are so wonderful, and especially dedicated to helping their students strive to succeed and in any way possible! I had some of the best teachers and will miss having them and seeing them in the halls next year in college. The school building have been kept up, and spotless, so clean! I can’t say enough good things about Hanover Public Schools, the academics, extra curricular activities and sports are so awesome! Which is why many of the sports over the years have won championships! I’m so glad I grew up in the Hanover Public Schools system, I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up in any other school system/district!!!
Excel in most athletics and academics but lacking in diversity. A school very community and inclusive driven.
Hanover High school has little to no diversity and is very atypical. I feel as though it is average and does not surpass academically. Although hanover is more accepting than other schools I have heard of. Hanover pushes a lot of what happens under the rug and pretends it is not happening or an issue.
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I have been attending Hanover County Schools my entire life. I have made many friends and have had great experiences. The learning environment is great and the teachers care about my future.
My high school experience has been pretty good. There have been ups and downs and at times lots of stress. My teachers were good except one who was garbage and she is my arch nemesis.
There are some teachers who don't teach anything all year but then there are amazing teachers who take their jobs seriously.
I've only had positive experiences here! The teachers are great, especially the high school ones, the administration is very willing to help and every one there wants to see you succeed.
The school has very dedicated teachers and the principal is very down to earth. They have a lot of extracurricular activities and my kid enjoys going there every single day! Food at the cafeteria si good and it comes at a reasonable price :)

I LOVE the fact that the school is secular (let's not force kids into one person's belief, let them find their ways and keep the diversity).

Also, they are getting ready to expand the school, which is great news for all students attending the school starting 2019. Looking forward to it.
Quite a public school, lovely teachers and buildings, but it is very secular. I would not send my children there as the kids even in the elementary school are partying and getting involved in bad stuff.
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