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Hanover Park Regional High School District Reviews

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Hanover Park High School is a pretty decent school where you can prepare for college. It offers plenty of options for you to pursue your career. Definitely take the AP classes if you want the best education possible.
There are some goods and there are some bads, if you are committed to working hard you can still go to a great college from Hanover park but if your not you’ll fit right in.
The teachers are good and the school as a whole is welcoming. The class sizes are good. It is split into two high schools and I went to Whippany Park.
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I enjoyed the faculty the most. They truly have the best interest of the students at heart. They are passionate about their jobs and want to make every student succeed. They are very generous with their free time and offer their time to students to provide extra help to them.
Committed, supportive and involved administrators, staff, parents and students - all working together.
Hanover Park is an outdoor campus . It was designed for a school in California . Plans got messed up Ans it was built here in NJ. Though at times it’s cold , Rainy and or hot walking to classes , I love it.
My experience at Hanover Park has been average. It is like any other school with it's advantages as well as disadvantages. The weather is the worst part about it, rain, snow, and wind are HP students' worst enemies. Invest in a good pair of rain boots as well because the campus has flooded numerous times before and will continue to do so. However, the teachers at Hanover Park besides a select few are truly amazing. They want you to succeed and do well in their class.
Hanover Park Regional School district, prepares you for the "Life experience" that will be coming after you graduate High School. Hanover Park supplies you with the knowledge to go forth and to decide a path to your future carer, weather it will be college bound or other endeavor in life.
Throughout my four years, I am confident that I am ready for college. The administration as well as the guidance department has provided me with all of the resources I need in order to succeed. I have always felt safe in the school setting and think that the school does a good job in keeping an eye on how the school is functioning. The faculty and administration is very encouraging on you and your future.
My experience at HP has been great for the two years that I’ve been here. The school is very inclusive and strives hard to make the “family” image a real thing. Though there are various opportunities to do what you love in the clubs and activities offered, there is definitely a lack of recognition for certain departments. Much like the typical high school stereotype, HP favors it’s top athletic teams rather than the arts. It’s quite obvious that it’s no fault of the administration, but it’s unfortunate that our school has fallen into the stereotypical category where the majority of students have no real knowledge of the arts department.
Hanover Park has an activity, club, or sport for everyone. There is something for everyone to get involved and feel included. The support from the faculty and parents is high, resulting in student success.
I went to Hanover Park all four years of high school. I had an amazing time here both academically and socially. I found that there were many ways to challenge myself through harder courses and also was able to take great electives as well. The teachers and staff are friendly and supportive through my four years here.
I am a student at Whippany Park, this is our review. The teachers are mostly new, but the oldies are goodies. Our school has many tryhards who overload in AP s and activities for college apps. Many of the students try really hard in hard class and succeed. I do not think that the percentage of proficiency are accurate based on the how many kids are on honor roll, and take advanced classes.
I am very pleased with Hanover Park Regional High School district, and have found it to be satisfactory to my educational needs. The outdoor campus has made the school seem more open, even in the cold weather.
Hanover Park Regional High School District consists of two High School, Whippany Park and Hanover Park. The high school I currently attend, Whippany Park, is a great school in terms of academics and extra curricular activities. It has a lot to offer; however, there is a slight problem with the administration and teachers. Many of the teachers make the course more complicated then the course needs to be and the administration often does not listen to what the student body wants to say about teachers. They give us a lot of busy work to complete which takes our time from trying to be regular kids.
Hanover Park is extremely spirited. We truly are a family, and the students all come together when necessary. I am proud of my school.
I enjoy Hanover Park because the teachers go above and beyond their requirements and curriculum to help you succeed. Learning never stops at the end of the 42 minute bell, and faculty is always readily available to help on academic and personal advice. The community is truly 'home'.
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my daughter needed extra help due to a learning disability . She had an EIP which help her tremendously. She end up with a GPA of 3.48. Now she's looking forward to college that start in about 2 weeks. so thank you HP for all your support.
I would like for them to offer more S.T.E.M electives and to incorporate core classes in those fields so students are pre-exposed to careers in those fields before going to college so they are better prepared.
The teachers and counsellors at H.P. Are really good. They care about their students and work with you to help you succeed. Some changes would be to have more clubs and revamp a couple of the ones in place with more detailed projects. Overall it has been a great experience thus far!
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