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my experience with is mostly positive. the schools facilities are nice, and most of the staff is kind. there are many issues, however, in management. the management of every school is non-inclusive and not modern in any way. the administration of each school would be more suited for a 1950's school, rather than one in 2018. on top of this, all schools prioritize athletics over academics, with most of the funding going towards their non-successful athletic teams.
Hanover county public schools has many different opportunities for high school students and parents to better understand college. There are many events that teach high schoolers ways to plan and apply for post high school education. One thing that Hanover county public schools could work on is scheduling. I have experienced, along with many of my classmates conflicts in my schedule resulting in me having to drop certain classes. However, Hanover county public schools is a great school system that provides students with an excellent pathway into their future.
What I like the most about the school system is that the teachers push you to do your best but if you are struggling or have a lot on your plate, they will help you be able to complete all assignments. One thing that I think needs improvement is the school spirit. There isn't a lot of that. That is one thing you think there will be when going into high school but you get disappointed.
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They offer a lot of opportunity and a variety of classes. My complaints would mostly be about high restrictions.
I loved going to school in Hanover County. I started school here in the 4th grade and graduated from a Hanover County public high school. My high school had a great teaching staff and students were always promoting kindness and inclusiveness. I would like to see funding for the schools change as my alma mater is just now getting the renovations that they deserved years ago! I wish they would also put more funding into music and other performing arts in schools as it hasn't changed since I went to school.
I don’t think that the Hanover county school system is anything too special. The district teaches common core so the classes are all the same. It is nice that they provide IB though.
I would like for the Athletic Directors to not be biased towards sports or gender. And for show choir to be considered a sport for the amount of effort and time that goes into it. Not only is it a class but one must go to after school practices and weekend practices. then go to multiple competitions.
The education at Hanover County Public Schools was terrific but I am disappointed the school board is not open to changing the confederate school names and mascots to something that is more welcoming to all.
My experience at Hanover High was a good one I would not change anything experience I have there changed my entire high school life is one of the best Four years of my life The friends I met the teachers I learned from I could not ask for anymore that I have got from them Hanover set me up pretty good to be ready for the next level of schooling I am so glad that my sister will be attending Hanover High in a few years
Absolutely great. I have always felt safe going into any school within the county. Very well put together as a county. Offer a lot of verified programs for students to take allowing them to learn skill applicable to everyday life. The administration is very involved in student life and activity. Sports teams are well balanced and diverse giving all kids an equal opportunity.
Hanover County Public Schools are overall good schools with awesome teachers. There is not a lot of school spirit and the only challenging class are the AP and IB classes because advanced and standard classes are a joke.
Great staff and education. The teachers are very helpful and make time for all students. Lots of the learning process is interactive.
overall pretty good nice school rivalries with the high school but ib programs are pushed down high school students throats without even sharing the negatives about the program. Wish the district offered a ap degree program. Becoming surprisingly more liberal in a conservative area. Not to crowded but most schools need refurbishing
As a kid I moved alot, going to different states and attending a new school. Sometimes I would stay for a year, other times just a few months before my parents moved us again. So it was hard for me always being the new student to make friends or even settle down roots. I'd usually seclude myself from the other students and eat lunch alone whether that be outside or at a table by myself. Hanover was different, my first day there I was sitting alone at lunch as I usually would at any new school and to my surprise two girls had walked up to me and asked me if I wished to sit with them. Never had I felt so instantly welcomed before and no one would understand how much that meant to me, constantly being the outsider in a new school. Hanover High School is the best school I've ever attended, the staff are kind and actually care about your well being. I am honored to be able to call myself a Hawk and be graduating at Hanover High School.
I attend Hanover High School, and it is a great school! The principal is not a very kind woman, and she seems to feel the need to scare teachers and students into respecting her, which is not how you truly earn respect. However, the school is not ruined because of one bad apple. The building and sports facilities are gorgeous, and the teachers all seem very helpful.
HAnover county public schools, is a great district to be apart of because the schools themselves are very modern and are well kept. The facilities are constantly cleaned and it's a very comfortable and clean place to be. The staff at hanover high school specifically seem as if they want to teach and they are always making things available for any help is needed.
I have always enjoyed the Atlee environment, however, there are some things that could be fixed. Our diversity as a whole is very shallow. Additionally, teachers overall are not what I would like them to be. I have been blessed with some amazing teachers in my time here, however, I have had my fair share of teachers who are not there with the intention of benefiting the student body.
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A good school that is fairly diverse, many people there are friendly and the teachers are knowledgeable and actually care about your future.
From kindergarten to senior year I have been a student of Hanover County Public Schools. My brother also graduated from HCPS. I don't think that I have met an unfriendly teacher or administrator in all of my years here. Many of the teachers are wonderful. They are willing to come early or stay after school to help you with the material. However, recently they have been limited by having to teach six out of eight classes. This has been especially straining on English teachers as they are no longer able to effectively grade and give feedback on essays because of the large amount of students they teach. Despite their intense work load some teachers still thrive and try to create creative and engaging lessons for the students.
The teachers are wonderful. My children have gotten a great education from Hanover schools. The sports have been a great way of keeping children involved instead of getting into trouble.
The foods in cafeteria could have more of a variety.
The safety around the schools is wonderful. I have never had any worries when my children are at school. They could over more clubs in the middle schools. I think they should let the 8th graders have the opportunity to play on the JV team. I think itvwould help the high schools build the sports programs.
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