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At Hanover Area, I was one of the few students who felt inspired and compelled to go above and beyond academically, as well as with extracurriculars. I was my class valedictorian, and I can say without a doubt Hanover Area offered me little to no support throughout my schooling and college application experience. Teachers are beyond careless towards their students. The administration is belittling. I can honestly say every success I have obtained in my life after high school has been no thanks at all to Hanover Area.
Hanover Area School District is a pretty decent school. It's not the greatest school, but it's definitely not the worst. For the most part i like my school. it's home to me, and some of the teachers really care about you there & others not so much. Some teachers don't really seem to care about the student's education, but you know the ones who do care. They'll push you harder and really try to get you to learn something/ get you ready for college rather than the teachers who don't care. Overall, it's an average school. Hanover Area School District is really what you (the student) makes of it.
I would like to see a change in the fact that grades at Hanover are not weighted. It does not seem fair that students who take AP classes grades are weighed the same as students who take the regular ones.
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I like how the student population is very diverse. There are students from all over the country that have recently became a part of the Hanover Area community. The students in our school are like family. We may fight and argue, but when it comes to school gatherings, such as sporting events and pep rallys, we all come together to cheer on our fellow classmates.
The schools is an okay school, the teachers were very good. there is a great faculty at the school, I overall I enjoyed it.
This school district may be the "nicest" around here, but needs improvement. Some lazy employees should be fired. There is a varied mixture of teachers. The "worse" teachers never make you memorize all the US states, although they weren't "bad" per se. Only the "better" teacher required it. I have gotten excellent teachers before, some funny, some mean, but at least they were knowledgeable. 1-2 of my teachers were just bad. The pool is broken for now (taxes are high-so is debt). The cafeteria service isn't healthy (e.g. nachos), although it is not the worst and lunch is free for now. The dress code is totally draconian. Things as simple as t-shirts are banned. The school seems to do an okay job of educating, if not above average (we have organic chemistry classes), you have the freedom of a few extracurriculars eventually (although there could be more e.g. a video game or debate club), there are plenty of clubs and community events, library is great, few field trips until high school.
I loved the school spirit and the relationships with the teachers. There was a lot of one on one help but I could have been better prepared for college.
Hanover area is a very diverse and friendly school. I'm not just saying this because I go there, but all in all everyone knows everyone. Some of the staff are very inspiring and only hope to see the absolute best in their students and the kids in the district.
I enjoyed my time in the Hanover Area School District. It's a close-knit community in which i made relationships that will last a lifetime. However, it's educational system is in need of drastic reform. The volatility between teachers is tremendous. Many teachers want to make a difference in their students' lives, but for every good teacher, there's probably two bad ones. There needs to be a more mechanistic structure in place that values academics and disipline in place for any type of progress to be made. Top officials must forget their egos and value the development of students as more inportant than their paychecks.
Hanover Area School district is a smaller school so kids are more personable with each other compared to larger schools where students do not get to know everyone. The education could be adjusted to better prepare students for college, however I adjusted just fine to college life.
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