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Despite having an old building, Hannibal High offers many opportunities, extra curriculars and experiences for high school students. Most teachers are very helpful and willing to help you learn and prepare for your academic future
I personally had no problem while attending this district. My only issue is no air conditioning in some of the classrooms and some of the teachers lack proper knowledge from what I’ve heard.
To me the school district is behind on the student health side of things. Bullying is absolutely tolerated, and most teachers act as if you’re completely dumb for asking a question. I went to private school for 2 years, and I was horrendously sad when I had to come back to the district because I know my bullies would come back after me.
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It is a very tight nit school. I’m amazed by our academic and sport programs. We really excell in these catagories. Teachers care very much for their students. I would just like to see more respect overall.
Would like to see better food choices. Just simple food choices. Overall everything is pretty average for our school district.
Many teachers throughout the program were dedicated to their students, and would go above and beyond for them.
I have been in the Hannibal School District since I was 3. I started in Veterans Elementary, moved to Mark Twain Elementary, then continued Hannibal Middle School and High School. I am a proud pirate varsity cheerleader and proud 2019 graduate.
I enjoyed HHS overall. It wasn't the best of schools, but it wasn't terrible, either. I gained a lot of knowledge in my STEM courses. Can't complain!
Overall very average school district. Nice people but sometimes wrong judgments. Cleans schools with all helping teachers.
I do like the different classes that offer, but i wish they would ready students more for after high school life. I feel terrified and really unprepared to take on the world
Well I live far out from the city and every first day of school the bus drives past but other than that the lunch and teachers are pretty okay.
I have had an amazing time homeschooling. One of the greatest things about it is that there are literally a hundred options for learning and the tools are always readily available. However, I would like to see more moms (or dads) combine their efforts to making the homeschool experience more socially engaging for students.
I would like to see this district be more proactive against school bullying and enforce consequences on offenders.
I attended Hannibal Public Schools and my three children do as well. I had a wonderful experience through the years as well as my children. Our district offers wonderful resources for exploring your child's interests. The faculty and staff truly care about your child's needs.
My experience with Hannibal High school is what you would typically expect to hear from an 18 year old senior. Being a teenager can suck and have its' lows, but the best part of it all was that I know my life is still moving forward, and being at this school has taught me that one simple thing. But at Hannibal high, most differences are embraced. The experiences I have had at this school have made me who I am so far as a person. The athletic department was my motivator through all four years of school. I made relationships with students and teachers that I will cherish. We could use A/C and better bathrooms, but that's beyond the point of why we actually go to school.
Hannibal School District is extremely homey. It's a smaller town so it gets really personal if you choose to let it. There is no doubt that I will keep in touch with some of my teachers that took the extra time out of their day to become a friend.
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