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Hanford Joint Union High School District Reviews

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The teacher’s were great and the courses were insightful and well structured. It’s a fairly new school so there wasn’t a huge variety of courses you could take. School was incredibly safe and friendly, down to earth vibe and the kids got a long fairly well. Very inclusive, didn’t see any bullying or anything of the sort. Athletics were good and the teachers were very involved and tried to get the best out of every student.
Hanford Joint Union High School District is a smaller district including four different high schools. I attend Hanford West High School and my experience is an average one. Like any school and the district there are advantages and disadvantages. I can't complain about my district because we are lucky enough to be provided with a lot of resources. We recently went through change of staff involving a few teachers and our principle. The teachers are always there for you if you ever need help. Our district even offers tutoring if needed. However, the classes available are not as great. A lot were cut the past couple years. Academics, sports, and the school environment can use improvement and will hopefully undergo much needed changes.
My 4 years at HHS we’re some of my most cherished years. I had the pleasure of being taught by so many inspiring teachers and playing water polo for one of the greatest coaches in California. This school prepared me to be successful during college and for the rest of my life.
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I loved how accommodating the schools were for those who were struggling with finances and giving every student an equal chance at an education. They could be more culturally diverse in their history courses by explaining the good AND bad sides of American history. They offer a various amount of clubs for every individual student.
What do I like? I like the social events for students. ASB does a great job of setting up events that are fun and sociable, however, the education here is not very supportive of the academically advanced students. I would really love to see a wider variety of AP classes offered to students for them to express and discoveer their true talents in education. This will bolster the future of many students, but I just do not see the push to improve. The facilities are old and the air conditioning is poor. During the summer, the temperature in the classrooms are very warm due to the poor air conditioning.
Hanford Joint Union High School does its best to create a great, safe, and diverse environment. I can say that in Hanford the schools each have a very interesting and different style.
I liked how it felt like a community. Most students were fine with each other and had no problems. I do wish that the education system could be improved. The teaching system was not the best. Teachers would throw the material at the students and expect them to learn it all on their own. I believe they should be coached and guided through it, not necessarily spoon feed the information but mentor.
Hanford Joint Union High School has a good amount of teachers and staff that are willing to work with you and help you. Although Hanford Joint Union High School does not prepare you for college because it seems like the district strictly cares about their own needs opposed to the students needs. Overall it is a great school but once you go to college you realize how things are really run.
Moved here in 8th grade from Irvine Ca. Did think it was easier at first but feel I have gotten a good education here.
My experience at Hanford High School was pretty good. Most of the teachers are great and do a great job of educating and helping their students. The staff is friendly and the security is good. I think over all Hanford High did a great job on educating their students, but preparing them for college they lacked in. I played water polo and golf at Hanford High and both programs were great. I feel like a lot of money goes to the football and basketball organizations though, and all the other sports are left with whats left.
I like how the student body can get involved and pumped for a lot of school activities. I would like to see it happen for all sports not just football or basketball or baseball but for all sports.
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