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I have attended this school district since the end of my third grade year. My experience with this school has been great. I always felt like I had someone to turn to when I needed it. The teachers developed a strong relationship with me along my high school journey. Overall I think Hancock Place School District has set me up to perform to the best of my abilities while moving forward in my life.
Hancock is a small diverse school. Small enough to know everyone but diverse enough to find your kind of people. Most of the teachers are amazing with the exception of a few. The ones that are amazing really care for their students.
This small place, "Where everyone knows your name," is the place to be. The student to teacher ratio is perfect where you can make personal connections and makes learning easier for students. Clubs and Activities are accessible to a wide range of people, and work around other schedules to ensure paraticatin in multiples clubs and activities at a time. This is school is recognized for being a school of character and definelity shows it. I will definitely miss Hancock as I leave for college.
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I am a current student at Hancock Place School District, and have been a student here since I began school as a preschooler. Over the years I have seen this school grow and improve plenty. It seems as though every year it just gets a little better. They offer wonderful staff and technology for the students and their families, as well as affordable options when it comes to lunches and extracurriculars. Hancock is extremely safe and close-knit; every student and teacher knows each other on a personal level and that is great.
Middle school years are terrible for everybody, but no one should have to go through what i went through. I was being bullied by 100+ kids a day here for 5 years straight at least. I took the bullying problem to the principal, vice principal, and even the counsellors, and they did NOTHING to help me when I was in need of help.
The bullying got so bad that I was in multiple fights where i was suspended for self-defense and the school did nothing about the situation until I was really ready to kill myself because the bullying was so bad, and no matter what they told me, I followed all of their suggestions, and the bullying only got worse.
My mom has been up to the school multiple times and fought the Vice Prinipal, Mr. D, and the Prinicpal, Mr. Wilkerson, about the situations many times and they still did nothing.
This school brought my mom to tears and all they did was suggest that I get severe counseling.
I liked how involved the teachers were in students lives. They tried there best to help you no matter what it took.
I liked some of my teachers I had, I do think they need to be more strict about people being bullied. This school does nothing.
It may not be in the best area, but the staff and teachers are better than anywhere else in the U.S.
Mt children attend Hancock Place school district, and we absolutely love it! They are very up to date with their technology and academics. The teachers here honestly care about the kids and he'll them in any way they can in order to help them succeed. They offer programs so the kids can earn college credit while still in high school, and they have the A+ program which helps with college tuition after the kids graduate. We are very happy here!
Despite Hancock being a small school District, it offers many opportunities for students and families to be successful. Teachers and faculty are much more attentive to each individual student and are able to show their true intention to help. We are much more connected as a community and show support when needed.
Hancock Place has been my home for thirteen years, and I believe the school has been a fairly decent one. It isn't the largest school, my class only consisting of one-hundred-fifteen people, however, I believe this is a benefit. It allows me and others to better know our teachers and administrators, and there is not much competition among my classmates. Subsequently, I also know more people in my class, and other classes, making for a more tight-knit community. This also allows for Hancock to be better prepared for college advisers and college readiness. It is very easy to set up meetings with our college adviser and discuss future plans. However, because of the small size, that means fewer teachers, and less opportunity. I don't have access to a French or German language course, for instance, only Spanish. Limited AP classes as well, are unfortunate. But, on the whole, Hancock Place provides at a decent capacity to all of its students.
I go to Hancock Place High School since freashmen year to senior year. Within the time I have gone to school here, I have come to love most of the teachers. They are all caring and loving. The school as a whole with the students included will make you feel welcome as if you are a part of a big family. They have many ways to help you achieve goals you have set for yourself whether it is a life goal or academic goal. They can change certain ways they teach during school. May add more sports and work on safety a little more. Other than that the school as a whole is great.
I really enjoyed going the hancock it was alot of fun and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good school for the child or children to attend
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