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Hancock County Schools are focused more on trades than actual education. As a senior, I have been bombarded with papers and meetings with out career center as a AP and college bound student. We are only offered a small amount of upper level classes and many teachers and our guidance counselor does not contribute to out college and scholarship sources and future life chooses.
There needs to be more focus on special needs students. The elementary school is changing special education teachers every single year. Everytime you get one that understands your child and their needs, they are transferred.
I really enjoyed my time at oak Glen high school. Teachers are amazing, community really get behind the school and it's students..

I would have liked to have the students do more in the community
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This school is a small place that focuses on the average things like sports, learning and overall the happiness of the student body. this school is not bad by any means and i enjoyed my education here.
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