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I didn't really like my experience, it's a basic country school. They need a taste of city life. Their academics are terrible, the teachers seem not to know what's they are doing when it comes to teaching. In fact the teachers teach out of books they can't really explain it to the students, meaning which you can't get a proper education. They always have out of date milk in the cafeteria, I don't why.
Hancock County School System needs an entirely new direction. The curriculum that is emplemented prepares the students in no way possible. As an alumni, I was woefuly unprepared and struggled throughout my college experience.
I personally graduated top of my class and it was an okay school, with very intelligent teachers. We had some of the most educated teachers in the world. We were very low on resources because we are a poor district, but it was nice going to school knowing everybody.
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What I liked about Hancock County Schools is that the schools have great teaching teams. The teachers are well educated and they care about the students. The school also have great communication. The principal of the schools make sure that each and every teacher know what's going on. The principal make sure that the staff and the children are in a healthy and safe environment. Its a good school. What I would like to see change is there lunch.
Hancock County is a very small area with a lot of potential. Very frequently it is not met. My experience there was not the greatest. Though the schools were very welcoming when we applied, the way that the staff handled issues was very displeasing. My little brother was bullied very heavily and they refused to intervene. There were a lot of issues with students that seemed to go ignored and I feel as though it creates a lot of worse situations which could be resolved before they got worse. The school's focus is on sports and academics are second to that. It creates a culture within the school which I found very troublesome. Though The people are very nice, I would not recommend these schools.
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