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Hancock County School District Reviews

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Hancock County High School is an excellent school to go to. I would love to see more clubs grow within the district as well as more in-school activities. Overall, Hancock County High School is simply incredible. There are lots of student-teacher interactions and that is something that is amazing with small-town schools.
I had a decent school life at hancock county schools. It could've been better. Being bullied my whole life did motivate me to push through anything that comes my way. I would like to see the school be more strict on bullying
It's a small tight nit community were you really feel at home. The school system gets talked down a lot by other school systems because of being a poor county. Overall, I have to disagree. Like all schools, there are some teachers that are not that great; but, I have only had one teacher that did not teach very well. They rest of my teachers have been really great. I do not regret attending Hancock county schools.
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I like that everyone is helpful. The staff really does try to help every student to apply for college, grants, and scholarships.
This school district has good, caring teachers. The school lunch is mostly homemade and very appetizing. The school offers duel enrollment programs for students to excel in the futures.
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