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Hancock County School District Reviews

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I loved Hancock County School District. I am an alum from there. It was great and they do anything to help you! The staff, coaches and teachers and custodians are always friendly and want to see you succeed.
i love the environment except the fact how the school treats others not equally and how the board runs things. really nice people,of course, just not that great ot thought out decisions
Hancock is great school for me to learn. It keeps me on edge,and it makes me want to grow as person.
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The people are nice and the jrotc program is amazing. I am an JROTC student and I absolutely love it. The instructors are smart and have very good leadership qualities. They helped me make it through the school years.
I have been here since the start of school. I have never though bad about the district or anyone in it. Everyone is kind and generous. Would not have chosen any other district.
My experience at Hancock High School has been excellent. I know that if I am ever faced with a problem students and staff will do everything in their power to help me how they can. Hancock County School District excels in getting everybody involved and making every one feel like there is a place for them.
My experience at Hancock High School has been nothing but the best! Many friends and memories were made here. Not only does everyone get along, but also, everyone is very accepting of others and their opinions. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my four years of high school anywhere else!
I’m happy with Hancock county school district. I’ve been at the vote here with Mr. Hardy for two years. I have learned a lot and I’m prepared to move on and further my education.
Hancock High School was a pretty well rounded school to attend. I always felt safe first off. I had the perfect amount of freedom and independence while still always being watched over. Being in a small town where everybody knew everybody, new comers were still made a part of the family in no time. The education provided at Hancock is some of the best the south has to offer. If you are in south Mississippi, I highly recommend this school.
Programs that get you ready for the real world. Like a class that teaches you how to file for taxes, bring the drivers ed class, how to take out loans and apply for grants, or balancing a monthly income with bills to pay. I speak on behalf of all the students with this, please hire better maintenance workers who can replace toilet paper and the soap dispensers.
Hancock High School's school district is very family oriented, but when you are an outsider, it is not always easy. Meaning, if you know people in the school district you can find your way to or around certain things. I do not like that. I would like for their to be more diversity and a more open minded staff. The teachers and administrators tend to be play everything safe, and keep fun limited. High school students learn more with the teachers who have a unique, fun way of teaching material. I hope to see a change in the near future so that our school can become a better environment for all students.
My experience in the Hancock County School District overall has been wonderful. The teachers and administrators are great and always welcoming! My only problem was the knowledge about colleges and the help to find a college suitable for the students wasn’t there.
I love how a majority of the teachers are here to teach because they love sharing knowledge with others. They all make sure every student is helped and knows what they are doing. There are plenty of teachers who have different processes and they use different teaching techniques to help the students understand the material. Although a majority of teachers care, there are few who are confusing, but nothing that cannot be fixed! Hancock County School District is amazing and I wouldn't ask for a better county.
I really enjoy attending Hancock High School. Hancock offers a broad range of curriculum, clubs, and opportunities for students. School at Hancock is a very friendly and positive atmosphere!
It's been a great experience so far, and I can't wait to see what the next three years bring! The teachers are great and so is the school itself. I'm very happy to be attending Hancock High School!
I have excelled in my academic knowledge. The school has many clubs and organizations to join. The teachers are knowledgeable and are willing to help you. Hancock helps you to increase your knowledge and has honor classes to help you. If you need assistance teachers are there to help you. During activity period the teachers are there to tutor and answer any questions you may have.
Great environment for learning. A wonderful place to grow as a student and a person. Solid academics. One of the best experiences of my young life
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We need less money going towards the football/baseball programs. I would like to see more focus on getting the STEM program implemented in the elementary schools. If we can get the younger kids interested in science and technology we can show them there is more to life besides drinking and drugs.
I feel like Hancock County School District has been a great school district to belong to. Most of the teachers are very caring and work hard to help you out.
I think this school system needs to put more effort and money towards programs that allow students to see the world outside of Kentucky.
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