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Hancock Central School District Reviews

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Hancock in my opinion is a very nice school, classes have about 25 kids in each class so some classes have only 7 kids in a classroom at once so you get a lot of one on one time with the teachers.
I loved Hancock. A small student to teacher ratio allowed for more one on one interaction. The teachers care about their students and do everything in their power to help. I learned so much and had fun while doing so.
I liked the closeness you get being in a small school. You know all of your classmates and build relationships with your teacher. The atmosphere is intimate as it is enriching however the school needs to bette direct where its funding is used. It was very sports based and not very academically based. It built a million dollar field but got rid of the honors program. Doesn't make sense.
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Liked the small student body, excellent teaching staff and general feeling of safety while attending.
I would like to see teachers having more power over what goes on. I would also like to see some technological advancements in the near future. We have 2 laptop carts and some of the laptops don’t work. Our computer teacher is very talented but it is hard to work with what has been given to him. I understand that grants for this technology are hard to obtain and the administration is doing what they can, but some improvements can be made.
I loved being at Hancock Central School. I went through all my years of high school there and I wouldn't change it for anything. Hancock Central School is small, but to me, it was perfect.
Teachers are very caring, they want to do what is best for all the students. The administration, not working with the students aren't the best. The arts are being pushed aside, which is very sad, but the teachers for the art programs are doing the best they can to give the student the best experience.
Nice teachers, lunch is gross. Its a small school and has perks the superintendent when he sees you in the hall greets you by your first name and if you play a sport he'll ask you how that sport is going
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