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I liked that the AP courses were challenging, however, I found regular courses too easy. Additionally, many say Hamtramck High School is extremely diverse, I do not agree with this. Additionally, the cleanliness of the school is below average. The stench from the bathroom can be smelled meters away and there are cockroaches crawling everywhere. Additionally there are rats lurking in classrooms and the art room is RARELY cleaned. Additionally, the food is below average. Chicken patties and pizza are served EVERYDAY along with other dishes. However, the when the dishes run out, students are stuck eating a chicken patty or pizza. The chicken patties are too hard & the milk sometimes has blocks of ice in it. & these are only a few issues concerning the food. Disregarding all of that, breakfast is brought up to the classroom, this is something most students enjoy. Additionally, despite the milk issue, the breakfast is decent. There are many other great aspects in Hamtramck High School.
I’ve attended Hamtramck High School and it was great. I’ve met people from all over the world. It was incredible meeting people from different places. I’ve learned a lot from my teachers and peers. I loved the diversity in Hamtramck. All of my teachers have helped me throughout school and I loved being in such a place.

I also joined many different after school clubs such as robotics, leap, student union and each of them built me up in several ways. Extra activities helped me come out of my comfort zone.

I’ve experienced different things such as dancing and singing in our school. In a word Hamtramck was amazing and taught me a lot that I never knew before.
I have very good experience in Hamtramck Public School. I get to learn many thing as well as have fun while learning. I am getting ready for my college and future. Hamtramck Public School is really good in terms of good environment, good experience, and good education. The School has all kind of activity including sports and clubs.
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It is nice school. It is really diverse. You can find people from all over the world.
But the food are worst.
It was a school I will always remember the teachers always find the best for you and leaving a school with different race I recommend this school to everyone
I like how the teachers are dedicated and I like that you can go just about anywhere for help. I'd like to see more teamwork from the students. Maybe have a grow to know program or something.
I like the way students are handled. Tje environment is very clean. The teachers there know exactly what they are teaching. Students are on their best behavior for most of the time. These schools have a very bright future.
I personally have experienced in Hamtramck High School and I am glad to share some info on how great the Hamtramck High School is. Hamtramck High School is one of the great rated school that exist. They take care of every student and look out for them if they need help. Hamtramck school are really careful of their student academic goal. They encourage every student to get involved with outside of school activity and tell the student to get good credit for the future. They make sure that every student is faced with great future and help them to realize how important life is with education. Hamtramck High School is really great and awesome. I am not sure what exactly need to improve in HHS, but they should maybe have more parkour space for the student.
It is an amazing school district!
It is a privilege to be at this school. The students, the teachers, they are all so diverse with lots to teach and share!!
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