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Hamshire-Fannett Independent School District Reviews

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Hamshire Fannett has very good academics. There were moments that I was afraid to go to school in fear for my safety. I also had a very issue happen while at school that they did not handle correctly.
I love the class sizes and the teacher to student ratio. Academics are great, but the food and sports teams aren't as great as they could be.
I like how small the school is because I know almost everyone in the school and that helps to make friends and be more comfortable in the classroom. Out of most of the teachers that I have had, I have enjoyed their teaching methods and have greatly benefited from their classes. The campus isn't too big and not too small so the classes aren't cramped and it doesn't take forever to walk across campus. Our school is known for being friendly, which I take pride in, and the families in the area go pretty far back. My mother, her three brothers, my sisters, my brother, and two of my cousins have attended this school as well and it is pretty cool to be walking the same halls that they once walked.
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What I like about Hamshire-Fannet high School is they actually help every student as much as they can just to get to where we students need to be.Their safety is more secured around school. The teachers is more teachable than any other teachers at any school.They make sure their students pass everything in class.They don't wanna see their students fail or be unsuccessful.
It is small so the teachers are able to individually work with the students. The community gets involved with the school and the school has a very open line of communication with the students' parents.
Hamshire-Fannett is a wonderful school and despite all of the unfortunate events, such as the elementary burning in my eighth-grade year and hurricane Harvey flooding the middle school and intermediate school my senior year, the district is close-knit and well supported.
ive gone here all my life and our teachers and staff are always making sure your requirements are met. Our athletic department is also there to work with you on whatever sport you are in.
I am from the 2015 graduating class. I have been attending Hamshire Fannett my entire life and I still currently live there. Overall, this high school has been average. The most inconsistent thing I have experienced is would have to be the teachers. I understand why this is the problem because teachers there do not get paid much, and there are not any big companies around to even sponsor the school. The teachers that are loyal to this school however, are incredible. Some changes that I would recommend is the school food The athletics at the high school needs to readjusted. Recently Hamshire-Fannett high school got a new athletic director and made a rule that only the "real sports" can stay in athletics. The "real sports" in their terms are football, baseball, softball, basketball, and volleyball.
I was new to Hamshire Fannett in my freshman year. I went to a school in Beaumont Tx for about all my life. Changing from Beaumont to Hamshire Fannett was a major change. Everyone here was so outgoing and nice. Everyone helped me when I need help. From changing from a school that mostly had bullies and fights everyday to a school where its peaceful not really fights. Hamshire Fannett is really a good school and I don't regretting nothing here.
It was okay. Bullying issues that never got fixed.Teachers are great.Some better than others.Food is nasty.I feel safe at school, though. Problems with some teachers.
Hamshire-Fannett ISD is a great school district. The small size of the school offers opportunity to all enrolled. My Mom is a graduate of Hamshire-Fannett ISD and it is such a great experience to graduate from the same school. As far as any changes, I think all schools should continue to strive to integrate technology.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Hamshire- Fannett High School. The teachers have been very involved, and helpful in my journey to graduate. I have been involved in almost every activity offered, and I would like to see more opportunities to get involved within the school.
Hamshire-Fannett is an educated centered school. It is a small school in where teachers can work with you individually. We're academically high ranked compared to other schools in the golden triangle.
Hamshire-Fannett was the school district that I have attended from Kindergarten through 12th grade. I couldn't have asked for a better place to grow up. All my memories from the sports, extracurricular activities, and learning will be something that I will always cherish. I would recommend this school district to any one with 100% guarantee that they would love it. They offer many AP classes to help prepare students for the college difficulties ahead as well as have a teaching style in all the regular classes that help prepare students as well. They are continuously adding renovations and updating aspects about the school that are helping the district succeed. It was a place where my entire family could support me through school, sports, and extracurriculars.
I have attended hamshire Fannett for my whole life and love this community so much! I love the teachers, my fellow students, and my family that all plays a role in the hamshire fannett community.
It is a great school, the only thing that I would wish to improve on is the availability of more extracurricular activities.
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