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Hampton Township School District Reviews

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Hampton Township School District is very well rounded school with good academics and participation from students. Everyone from the district is involved in something and it’s a unified school and community.
Very inclusionary, there's something for everyone. My children are getting a wonderful education here.
The school is well functioning and teaches the students well. There are some things that are not perfect and not conditioned fully to the students but they try as best as they can to help the students become wiser in all subjects of matter.
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Hampton is aware of all academic necessity for students to attend college & can help advance them if they are ready. Preparing students for college is great at Hampton.
very intense coarse loads offered, education quality excellent....
high pressure environment prepares you for college
The academics are good and the school sports are pretty decent. Overall I did have a good time throughout my four years but sometimes administration was little to no help with some situations
Hampton is a great school district in an academic sense. They prepare you in many ways to excel in college. The teachers are great and developed not only my understanding for math, science, english, and language, but also my understanding of the "real world." However, diversity is extremely low in terms of race and socioeconomic class with it being 99% Caucasian and mainly upper middle class.
My time at Hampton was great. I was put in classes specific to my learning abilities and at my own pace. I learned so much and feel very prepared to move on the bigger and better things in college in the fall. I would like to see the involvement on students increase in the future. Students are given the opportunity to do many different things but they often do not participate.
the classes that the school offers you are bound to be useful in your future, and they help your child get used to social life.
Good academics, good environment, good school. Classes are generally well taught, and the students are pretty friendly towards each other. It is overall a welcoming environment.
The students are kind to one another, and the majority of the teachers are very nice. The school is very career focused and puts an emphasis on doing well in the academic classes. The teachers in Hampton helped to push me to do well in my classes while also being involved in school activities. While taking honors and AP classes, I was also involved in the school marching band, making costumes for the student run play, and working on costumes for the school musical. The rigorous curriculum of the classes helped me learn how to manage my time as well as doing the best I could at everything I was involved in.
Hampton students receive a good education. There are small class sizes so you are able to get to know students and teachers very well. Teachers are always available to help you when you are in need.
Lots of opportunities for advanced class work and enrichment at the middle and high school level. Enrichment at elementary level was not very good. Also lots of opportunities to be involved in extracurricular activities.
Hampton is a good school when it comes to academics. They are good at pushing kids to do well and to prepare for college or going into the work field. The staff at this school are very dedicated to making sure all kids are at the top of their class or reaching their full potential. Even though that may sound good, there are a few drawbacks. for the students that are not the best, they fall behind and begin to give up on doing well. because of that, I could not give my school the full five stars.
I like how invested the teachers and staff are in furthering my education and meeting all my academic needs. I like the positive community surrounding the school and the constant push to excel.
I am a senior at Hampton High School and my experience has been nothing less than excellent. The teachers and staff are very kind and friendly. The students are all easy to talk to and respectable. The only thing I would change is that there are limited resources for extra help in classes.
This district is amazing. It is very safe, I feel like I learn a lot, there are plenty of activities to get involved with, I made a ton of friends, and I actually have fun at school.
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I have loved my experience in the Hampton School District. I moved into the district in 9th grade, and have been so thankful for the high school experience that I’ve had. Specifically, my teachers have challenged me to think outside of the box and to apply everything that they teach me to the real world. As a senior, I feel well prepared for college and am looking forward to figuring out the real world.
It's pretty okay! I've attended here all my life, so I don't have much to compare it to, but it's all right. The teachers (most of them) make it obvious that they care about your success. Diversity, frankly, sucks, so here's hoping that improves.
I enjoy going to a majority of my classes. I take a large amount of math and science courses which I find both intriguing and useful. I actually look forward to going to these classes. I also participate in sports year-round and I find that they are run well.
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