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For my school personally I enjoy the teachers and administration. In my high school career I have met some of the most caring and supportive people I know who have helped and encouraged me to push and better myself. Although I cannot speak on behalf of all of the staff, most of the ones I have encountered have built strong relationships with either myself or other students. On another note however, I believe there are a few things I would like to see change. For example as an athlete, I would like to see the district build the athletics program, focusing on all sports and giving them the recognition and funding they deserve. I also know for many students more satisfying and quality lunch options would be appreciated. A lot of students don't want to make their lunch or don't have time to, therefore buying cafeteria food. Although it is not an immediate issue, I believe it would increase student satisfaction.
I like that Hampton City Schools has a wide variety of class options, programs, and a diverse school system. There is a place for every student to pursue their passion ranging from getting recruited for a college sport or getting a professional certification before you graduate. I admire the ambitious school district for taking on many projects such as Freshman Academies, where they can begin to explore careers through classes as early as the ninth grade. For me personally, participating in their Gifted Program and their Governor's STEM Applied Arts Academy has greatly enriched my years as a student. I have felt at home in Hampton City Schools, and enjoyed all my years as a student there.
AMAZING......Great School System
My daughter is getting a better education here than PRIVATE school. Teachers really care and Administration is ALWAYS there for you
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My experience is been a really great experience and I enjoy every opportunity that has been given to me so I do everything what it takes to be successful. What I like about Hampton City public schools is that I like the teachers because they push me to be a better person and they want the best in my academic career as a student. One thing that they can change in the district is the Food because the food is nasty and they give you little amount of food
I love that some of the teachers go above and beyond to provide for our kids. They are very approachable!
I went to two Hampton City Schools. I saw that both schools exemplified outstanding curriculum and administration was especially involved in the students’ wellbeing and education. Staff was amazing and very passionate about their work and teachings. I’m very proud and excited to say that I will be graduating from Hampton City Schools!
Went to Phoebus High school for my sophomore and senior year. It was a decent school to attend to graduate from high school. Not many interesting clubs or after school activities I was interested in.
Attended Hampton City Schools for all but one semester, but that semester showed some things that could be better and that HCS was not so bad
HCS was a enjoyable experience and learned a lot throughout my 1-12 grade years. the food could be better though
Hampton City Schools is a good district. I enjoyed the community feel that existed with the school/sporting events. Some of the parts pf the schools needed to be updated.
I like how the teachers always go the extra mile to offer help. They offer tutoring before and after school. There’s always a solution to your problem. I love how they are always willing to help and don’t mind doing so.
My expierence of the school was okay, i had ups and down but it was a decent expiernce. The most disappointment I had was the school food, most times I would have to eat the food but if I had any chance not to eat it at all i would've
Hampton Public Schools are very good with communicating with the parents about any event that is happening or has happen at the school. They communicate with a phone call, voice mail and the with an email about all information concerning the school. What I would like to see change is an remodel of Hampton High School as it is very old and better upkeep of the grounds. other wise academically the school does a great job.
Hampton City Schools provide college and career coaches to assist students transition into adulthood.
Being able to learn in Hampton City Public Schools was an amazing and fun experience. The students are very nice and caring as well as the teachers.
Hampton City School's weren't as bad as some would say. Since my freshman year the lunches have gotten so much better. I just don't think that it is worth the two dollars and fifteen cents we have to pay in order to eat it. Its gotten cleaner since I've been there, less roaches and rats. This school year I have seen maybe three roaches and one rat.
I would like to see more people coming together instead of fighting and killing each other because we are the future and there are a lot of people that want to see us succeed. Also, to live out our dreams and become better people. I like the Hampton City Public Schools because it is very diverse and there are so many events that goes on here.
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The teachers support you in and out of school. The school system cares about its kids and make decisions to enhance their educational experience.
I would like too see more students being prepared for college and I had a fun time being in Hampton City Schools. Met friends and people that put me in positions to go to college and I would like to thank them very much.
They need to change the food they are giving to the kids in all grades. The high schools are old and Worn. Bathrooms are OKAY;the school usually puts more effort into sports and academics but other clubs and activities are usually personally funded from teachers or involved parents.
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