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Hampton Bays Union Free School District Reviews

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School District is a sham. Some teachers are nice and do a good job While others are hired there and are in it just for the money. The district answers to the community too much while the school suffers. No consequences for actions and they keep everything as quiet as possible so as not to make the papers or news. Definitely not one of the safest although they pretend to be. With each school only having one guard. People free roam the buildings at night. Behavior is definitely a problem in the school. Definitely need to pay more attention to their teachers to make sure they're actually doing their job and not just collecting a paycheck.
I wish this school gave me more opportunities to reach my dreams. But overall I had a great experience at this school.
students first, fiscally responsible, community involved, forward thinking, future preparing, opportunities for all
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A solid school district with a vision to be progressive and mindful to the needs of their population
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