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I have attended Hampshire Co. Schools since kindergarten and I feel that the system works hard for the children until they reach the high school level. There are many programs in our community that is in force to help our younger students excel but once they hit the high school level there seems to be a loss. The students nor the teachers are willing to work ti achieve higher goals. The students are just pushed through the system. I feel they are not prepared for college at all.
It's a good school and my experience has been great. It's not perfect, but it could use some work. Most of the staff at our high school is great also. Especially the English department. Without going to this school I wouldn't have made so many memories.
Hampshire County Schools were truly a blessing to have been educated in. From Pre-K until the day I graduated, I always felt like I was part of a great system. One issue I strongly felt Hampshire County Schools needed to improve on is safety. I did not feel as safe as I should have while attending their public schools. Although the funds were not there, like my elementary and middle school, the faculty and board members strived their very best to make sure that each and every student received the learning experience that they deserved.
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Growing up going to Hampshire County Schools has been quite an experience. Elementary school at Slanesville Elementary was great, and the teachers and staff were wonderful! Middle school was a bit different, but still had wonderful teachers and plenty of friendly people. Hampshire has a been much different and some may say awful. Hampshire has much potential and great opportunities, it just needs someone to take the time to recognize problems and fix them.
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