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Nice environment! Great education. Teachers are fantastic and helpful. Pep rally’s are the best.
I love attending Hammonton High School. I have had a good experience even being from a different town. The staff has been fair and welcoming. I have made a lot of friends in my four years at Hammonton High! I feel as though I can go to any staff member here for help should I need to do so. The guidance office staff has guided me through my college selection process. This school is diversified and I feel they have been fair to all students and provide many resources for our future.

I do not think there would be many things I would change other than making sure all students are involved in activities and I would also like to see the staff have a few more safety drills given the current state of violence in the United States.
My overall experience at Hammonton High School was academically successful, but it was difficult to connect to most students and teachers due to a lack of social and cultural diversity. Hammonton is a close-knit community, but can also be very exclusive if you do not reside in Hammonton. I had teachers that positively influenced my life decisions and provided me with a solid educational foundation.
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The school is okay. It's one of the best school i've been too and i've been to a lot of school throughout the years due to moving reasons. I appreciate this school a lot. It does have it's down fall when it comes to listening to students, and when we need help some of the faculty members are rude. But that's every school.
teachers and staff are friendly, nice and very enthusiastic. many of the teachers are always willing to give extra help to students. great elective classes and opportunities to take unique interesting classes. good school spirit.
I'm a CHOICE student! I chose to come to this school even if it is 25 miles away and takes my parents 35minutes to get here.
I started Hammonton when I waa a freshman. I met a bunch of different people. My history teacher and I would argue jokingly. Like it was just funny. My english teacher was amazing and fun. She was hyper too. My music theory teacher was a geek. My physics teacher had the best stories. Each one of these teachers had a different impact on me. They were always helpful.
Hammonton High School was my home for four years and I couldn't say enough about it. Every day my teachers were always there to help me succeed. The school however did not do enough to help include all students in participating or even succeeding.
Very good school district. Teachers are very helpful and love helping each student. Nice environment and definitely prepares you for college. Decent amount of electives, however there could be more.
Overall, I have no complaints about Hammonton High School. The teachers, coaches, and administration are the best. Everyone enjoys their jobs and loves working with kids. The teachers are well-trained and are ready to improve.
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