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My experience with Hamlin has been none other but an escalation of growth. You learn your self readiness about things you never expected to face. I became prideful of the school I went to, the friends I had, the education I was getting. Nothing held me back from achieving my goals and my coaches as well as the staff and community supported the entire time. I have learned to persevere through a lot. Perspective is a term you become best friends. The way you look at things now is how your attitude is going to be adjusted in the real world.
I've attended Hamlin all my life and I can tell you, my teachers throughout high school has change almost every year and the education that I received is not that great. The head football team coach gets over paid and he is teaching without a teaching degree.
Staff and faculty are not consistently fair when it comes to the treatment of students. Administration have no clue as to what they're doing. They changed the rules and regulations as they see fit without acknowledging or even considering how changes may affect current students. With increasing numbers of children of ethnicity, it's disturbing to know that no classes have been offered on African American history. Just recently, tutorial hours were cut only to add minutes to longer class time and a longer lunch. Again this is my parents tax dollars at its finest for my Boggus education.
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what I like about Hamlin Independent school district is, the teachers there are nice and they teach what they have to teach to in order to pass your EOC.
If i could change anything it would probably be the food.
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