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Hamilton Township School District (Hamilton) Reviews

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My experience at Nottingham was great. I learned alot from the teachers and staff. They are always helpful with students. I'm glad that I when to this school and I wouldn't change anything about it. This is a perfect school for student that going or tranfering to high school.
I liked a lot of things at West, like how everybody would come to the Varsity Football games and just have fun. My education was good too. Some things I would like to see change is the food they serve it taste bad.
Structure of the educational system is amazing...Teachers are great with meeting all the students thing that could change is more focus on girls soccer team.
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I've gone to Hamilton since I was 5 and the teachers are nice and helpful. The school is always involved in academics and the sports.
My experience at Hamilton West was unique, but entertaining. The school is very diverse and has an amazing curriculum. High School would be awful if you weren’t involved in any sports or clubs. I am currently playing 3 varsity sports and am involved with multiple clubs. Getting involved helps you socially, so my social skills and confidence have very much improved, so I would say my high school experience was great and one of a kind. Nothing needs to change, I think our school is honestly a good school.
I like that my school district is very diverse. However, I feel that we need to work on making our three high schools in our district more united. In the club that I was a starting member of my sophomore year of High School, push for a more united school district. This club is called Hamilton NEWS. This club clashed the three public highschools in my school district. Being a student at Nottingham High School shows how different races and cultures clash for the better. However making the whole Hamilton Township unite is no doubt amazing. This past year, Hamilton N.E.W.S even showed the Elementary Schools in our district what we are all about. Having the power to do this with my Vice Principle Dawn White, alongside with my fellow peers is absolutely amazing because although we go to different schools, we all have so much in common. We are Kind, We are Different, We are Human.
The district really enforces child safety and encourages students to be the best they can be. The schools' faculty is very friendly towards students and parents on every grade level. The resources found in each school are endless for a child to have a successful bright future. Safety is number one in each school and is carefully cautioned to the students to apply the safety precautions on a daily basis. Education is phenomenal because teachers care for their student's success.
The Hamilton school district is very good at making sure everyone has a voice. We work together to make our community better and to improve our education.
The district is good but could be better. Lots of unfair things happen throughout the schools. Some schools are favored over others and when rules are broken not every one faces the correct consequences.
The Hamilton Township School District is a very educational institution.It has the atmosphere off a welcoming home, where every one is there for you . and every one has your back. the student life is very involved , in every game and in any event they host .Overall the experience and friends I gained through out my years attending were very fulfilling and worthwhile.

great school system

amazing ,great teams and school spirit
The curriculum teaches the students what they need to know. Most of the teachers are supportive and offer help. Others, especially long-term substitutes, are lacking. The food isn't bad and school building itself functions well, though it gets terribly humid in the spring and summer. It is, overall, quite an average high school experience.
Overall, my experience in Hamilton Township has been an extremely pleasant and beneficial one. The administrators are friendly and approachable, willing to meet with me before school started in summer to discuss my schedule for the upcoming year. I have had no problem with teachers or other students, who are respectable and outgoing. I have been made to feel at home here.
I've been in the Hamilton District most of my life and that it is an exciting experienced. I'm very blessed to be in such a opportunity to be around a friendly and helpful school distract. The things that mostly taught me in life was everything that help me was the cool and chill free they try not to put much stress on you an d they really get down and help you with your needs.
Throughout my years in the Hamilton School District a lot has changed with regards to testing standards. This takes too much time from the classroom and teachers are no focused directly on what needs to be taught to prepare students for college.
The coursework given in schools is in no way challenging. Teachers are not on the same page, some are great and others hate their job, and love to tell you about it. I would love to see sports get better, renovations to the schools, and a better climate.
It was a great district to be apart of, from K-12 I feel prepared enough for my next journey at college. Ever since my parents moved to Hamilton in 2003, we loved the district it offered compared to towns around. Hamilton is the holder of 17 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 high schools. For the size of the district in population and land it has been impressive to see the success it has generated in the students across the board. Being in a senior class with over 10 division one athletes and 3 ivy league commits, also can say a lot.
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I liked that during school spirit events everyone got involved in it and it always brought a smile to me face.
I would like to see more parent participation on all levels. As well as different opportunities for students that are college-goal oriented, for example college tours. Possibly an overnight college tour for juniors. Lastly, a better equipped, experienced, sports coaches.
s a Senior I have experienced good teachers and bad teachers. It is apparent as soon as you step in the classroom whether or not that teacher wants to be there and it is reflected in there teaching. College preparedness in Hamilton is a bit lackluster. We no longer have mid terms or final exams due to state mandated tests so our study skills are suffering. A big thorn in my side is the lack of school organized sports at the middle school level. There are no sports offered in middle school. Overall I had a positive school experience but I do think that there should be a stronger concentration of preparing students for college. The standardized testing that our schools rely on now are not a good indicator of a students strengths. Students should be evaluated on every aspect of their education.
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