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I enjoyed the community at the school, both teachers and students. I also liked how diverse the school was getting over the years. I would like to see the school change by doing more for the students who struggle with bullying.
I would like to see some teachers to start actually teaching and not just putting notes up on the screen while they sit at their desk doing nothing. I have had at least 3 teachers over the past 4 years that have done this.
Fishers High School is the BEST school. GO TIGERS! It has been a top-notch school. There are a multitude of classes you can sign up and take. Pottery class? Yep. ACP SPEECH? You bet. Do you play the viola? Join one of 4 orchestras for your playing pleasure. The school has it all, and for that reason I give it an excellent rating.
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Hamilton Southern School District is always on the leading edge for education. They ensure all the students get top eduction with the greatest technology. They are committed to their students and teachers.
Hamilton Southeastern has an amazing team of teachers and faculty. The elementary schools start out smaller, and the schools grow as they enter the next level. This is great preparation for school. Teachers are very caring and keep parents aware of what is going on in the classroom. I feel very fortunate my daughter was not only able to attend HSE High School, but be in the HSE School district.
I was fourtunate enough to be able to spend my adolescent school years in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. I was able to have access to resources which helped to elevate my learning experience. However, I wish the district was better at handleing diversity. There were many issues when it came to ignorance and prejudices that could have been handled better.
The only real thing I do not like about my school is the large number of students and how hard it is to make a sports team.
Hamilton Southeastern school district offer a multitude of resources and opportunities for both students and faculty. I am giving 4 stars for quality of education, teachers and resources, but taking off one star for the High School level because of the extreme emphasis on athletics and academics, rather than creating an inclusive and supportive environment. The high school level typically lacks in compassion for students in regards to mental health and promotes academic pressure.
The district was always changing, which I did not mind too much, but I went to a freshman campus and that did not help me prepare for actual high school experience.
Academically, Hamilton Southeastern prepared me to succeed in higher education. I wish the administration cared more about the safety and emotional health of their students.
Great academics and there are a lot of resources to help study and prepare for college. However the climate is horrible. There is a large money culture. Clubs that make more money, especailly sports, tend to recieve more funding. Which in theory is not bad, except that this has caused some materials for some clubs to grow very run down and causes the students, including those who can’t afford it, to spend more to participate in their club while other students in the clubs that recieve more money get free items. Similarly, the school’s facilities that make more money tend to get the most work done on them. For example, several bathrooms are unusable and have little to no maintenance while there was recently a renovation at the pool for over $3 million to extend it to be slightly longer and have jets.
The teaching is great and there is a good selection of classes, but the workload is a bit much, and this causes lots of stress among the students.
I had an awesome experience in my 4 years at HSE. They have lots of clubs and lots to do if you want. I wouldn't change anything about the school.
I am a transfer student into the school district from a smaller private school. Was initially concerned because it was a large public school district but have been please with what I have experienced.
My experience at Hamilton Southeastern High School was amazing. I gained many educational and life skills these past 4 years that will help me be successful in the future.
I was presented with so many opportunities to succeed because of the excellent staff that worked at my school. I felt like a majority of the teachers that I had cared about my well-being along with my success in the classroom. I felt supported by my peers and the educators during high school.
Great schooling but the deans were very rude and ruined some of the experience for me. We had very little options for parking because this year they added an excessive amount of staff parking which took away from the senior parking. This then led to our senior parking filling up and students being forced to park in staff. Then, when they would check, they would give a detention over parking in empty staff parking spots. Didn't make much sense. They all would have the attitude of "i can do what I want no matter what" and would scream and verbally hurt students.
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HSE prepares me for college and advises me on my choices. They could be better at recommending tudors if a student needs additional help.
My experience at HSE has been great the past 3 years. I have met many people that I would never would have met on my own. I overall love the teachers here, and they simply care about their students. One thing I would change is more social time with friends, since passing periods are only 7 minutes. There isn't much time in between
Hamilton Southeastern High School is overall a cool school , it has its moments but the message and the different techniques taught there are really great. I would like for there to become more awareness of troubled students instead of them just being prejudged or kicked out .
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