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Hamilton School District has exceeded our expectations in preparing our daughters for their lives beyond high school. The high school offers an abundance of college prep courses and the staff is dedicated to helping students succeed. The District continues to attract new families to the area and new schools are being built to accommodate the growing need of the students. Our daughters have attended school at Hamilton since K4 and we are so glad we chose this area to live and raise our family.
Some of the readers that work at Hamilton are amazing, they put in much more then they need to and really truly care about the students. However, some teachers are just the opposite and could care less. Overall, the experience has been very good, with a lot of things to do such as various clubs and sports.
Hamilton provides an opportunity for all children to receive a good education. In my experience, there are several teachers who treat you with the upmost respect and want you to succeed in their classroom. However, I have also experienced teachers whom don’t care if you succeed or if you don’t. The climate is kind and welcoming.
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Great athletic programs, excellent teachers and staff, mediocre cafeteria food. All a high school student could ask for.
The Hamilton School District is amazing because they do not just care about test scores, although they do rank extremely high. They actually care about their students and families, which makes me feel much better about my little brothers going to their elementary schools since we recently moved into the district.
I think the students overall were happier and more welcoming than surrounding high schools and that’s partially do to how he teachers treat us.
Hamilton High School has excellent teachers, is a clean and safe facility, and provides quality education. The teachers are very knowledgeable in their subjects and are always there to help students with questions. There is a large variety of classes to choose from, ranging from drama to woodshop to creative writing. I have very few complaints about the school, other than the fact that the administrators are very strict (in dress codes, carrying backpacks, walking in the halls during class, missing school, etc).
I overall had a very positive experience at Hamilton. There were some outstanding teachers who cared very deeply about the success of the students in their class, and when I entered college I felt very well prepared for the rigor of the coursework.
We have so many wonderful students and teachers, but a lot of the time, the students who are not involved with sports are shoved to the background. I enjoy our academics and music departments though!
I used to go to a carter school and transferred over to Hamilton High school. Hamilton high school was defiantly very different from my old school. I was a new student but I made many new friends within the few months I been there. I was quiet person and now, I find myself very out going. I created many friendships and close bonds at the new school which makes me enjoy being in high school. I also like how Hamilton has block schedules that only include four classes. Even though there are only four classes per semester it is still complex but manageable. I like the environment at Hamilton High School, I'm sure there are flaws but every school has there own flaws but Hamilton is still growing.
Hamilton High School has been a great school to attend. I was able to succeed and be involved in a variety of clubs and activities. The only complaint I have is that the school obviously priority, more so than the arts and even academics at times.
They are full of teachers who care a lot about their students and are very entertaining! The teachers make learning fun! But, there is not much diversity and the school is very segregated. The school does not prepare you for the ACT or college applications.
It is a high school, so it won't be perfect, but it is greater than most schools. You do get teachers that are amazing, but you also get really bad teachers. Overall, not the worst, but not the best.
Pretty good school. They spend a little too much money for athletics and not enough on other parts of the school but overall decent school
The Hamilton School District ran an average curriculum, but the district never had the ability to completely stop the bullying that occurs throughout the halls of the district. I understand that bullying can occur with the teachers being unable to observe the act, but the school district needed to put a better effort towards enforcements.
I was a student of the Sussex Hamilton School District from preschool all the way to my senior graduation. Hamilton's academic expectations are outstanding, and thanks to their amazing faculty and challenging classes, I am proud to say I am from this district. I graduated with over a 4.0 GPA and earned an automatic 29 credits from my college from taking AP courses at Hamilton. This is a well appraised school district, as many college professors and students recognize the name as a Wisconsin top rated.
I attended the Hamilton School District from kindergarten until my junior year. The teachers and staff are very friendly and they tried to create a safe and secure atmosphere for learning. The curriculum was challenging but not overly challenging and I felt like I gained a lot of the classes. The block scheduling was beneficial as far as only having to focus on four classes for one semester vs seven all year long. There is an advisement period, which is basically a study hall where are the teachers assist you with homework and make sure that you're doing something productive. There are also plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in. I really enjoyed my experience with the Hamilton School District.
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It's the best district school with everything you need to learn even if you're falling behind in school when you get older you can be successful because of Hamilton School District.
Hamilton High school offers a four year open learning experience. Classes are picked by students to help solidify their focus in the years to come. Hamilton considers themselves "college prep" school; however, it can only prep those who are committed to that path. Hamilton provided me with multiple career avenues and the best four year high school experience I could have had.
The teachers in the district are always very helpful. This makes me feel very prepared for my future. Additionally, I had a great time in the band in high school since my director was fun and knowledgeable.
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