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Hamilton Local School District Reviews

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It is a great school. Lots of nice people and very good academics. Helps a lot for the future and college.
It is a smaller school district and there is a strong sense of community. The teacher-to-student ratio is smaller than in larger districts for individual attention. The buildings are newer and we have excellent facilities.
The school has a great community and is supportive of the great things going on. The only thing I would change is the level of politics within the school administration. Not everyone's voice is heard.
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I attending Hamilton since Kindergarten and I am about to graduate from their in a few months. I loved it through all of my schooling and there is nothing that I would change. I always felt like I belonged and there was always something to be involved in.
Love it, I would love if they offered tutoring yr. around vs just at testing. There's some racist parents but the school does well with bullying and stuff done during school hrs or events. They Def have a lack of field trips and it's not easy to slack.the work will push the kids. They do expect them to leave kindergarten reading at a 3rd grade level so prep for alot of homework
Its a great school but they are more focused on the little details rather than the more important things that they should be worked on, like how well they prepare you for college rather than the dress code.
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