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I liked that it was a small school but it wasn't too small. Teachers are helpful and help to the best that they can. However, some of the teachers don't help you with college readiness.
The teachers really don't care if students don't learn as long as the Teachers get through the Curriculum as per the "Common Core" requirements. If the students get the concepts, Great, let's chug ahead. If the students don't get the concepts, Great, let's Don't help them, or let parents know & just keep chugging away. So so FRUSTRATING!!!!
Hamilton Heights is an ok school. It has some great teachers and good facilities but is not very academically or racially diverse.
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I am a senior and I have loved my time at heights. I have been going here my whole life and am really sad about leaving all my good friends I made here. It is a great school with teachers who really care about their students. We also have a ton of clubs to join which makes school a lot more fun.
I enjoy attending Hamilton Heights High School. This high school helps prepare me for my future, along with college while providing me with the resources needed.
All the teachers actually care that their students learn and are passionate about what they teach. It's a small school and has its limitations but it still strives to be the best for its students and community.
Hamilton Heights is a seemingly well rounded school that has and is continuing to update its facilities. Most everyone is nice including teachers, staff, and students.
The Hamilton Heights School Corporation is an ok school corporation, But I believe they must work with there students more and have better communication.
Hamilton Heights is full of teachers who can and will help you one on one with whatever you need. They will encourage you when it comes to school and if it involves a problem outside of school. Hamilton Heights is not just a school corporation; it's a community, a family. They treat you like one of their own.
Awesome !!! They are so caring and helpful and have a great special education department I live in another district and I drive them there everyday sometimes it is hard but it is totally worth it knowing my kids are getting a great education.
Hamilton Heights High School is a very average and mediocre school. It's small and everybody knows everybody. The administration is underqualified and are not fit to be in charge. The schools' potential is held back by them and throughout my 4 years of attending this school its only gotten worse. Athletes are favored and are above the law compared to the students that aren't in athletics. The coaches pick favorites and shouldn't be allowed to coach sports at a high school level. The Teachers and Staff at Hamilton Heights are gems and should be treasured, they don't get the appreciation that they deserve and all of them are very helpful and full of knowledge and great advice.
Some of the teachers were great, others not so much. Policies and action on bullying was poor. Would've liked to see more choices for classes, especially in the medical field.
We transferred our Noblesville student for various reasons. Grades, Size and atmosphere. We have been unbelievably impressed with the administration, the Councilors, the Principal, the office staff. Our son AJ absolutely loves the atmosphere, the students and coaches are fantastic examples. The teachers are approachable and seem to genuinely care. We absolutely love this school and community
I loved my high school. The teacher and everyone were so helpful on helping you to meet you goals, and to help you find what things you like or don't like to find the right college that fits you not just your degree. Everyone there are really great and I love Hamilton Heights School Corporation.
I feel that a smaller school can focus on the needs of the students better and sometimes can offer up better relationships with their teachers. I think it is difficult for schools now days with too many mandates and Government regulations so teachers seem more frustrated and short tempered with some commenting that they can't focus on really teaching because of mandates. We need to get back to the basics of reading, writing, leadership and life skills.
I loved going to school here. Everything felt very personal towards me. My only downfall would be that the counselor's who help with scheduling. When students go into their office, they push for the students to take AP classes when it's not necessary.
Hamilton Heights is a great small school. The teachers take the time needed to ensure you understand. Our sports programs are good as well. The coaches really want to help make you a better player as well as teammate
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