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The teachers within the hamilton county school district are so caring and loving towards our children and truly wanting to see them succeed in life.
The school system is average. The schools and teachers don’t seem to care much about the students and their academics. The parent and teacher communication is none. Students get bullied by the teachers if their parent emails the teacher to ask a question they are concerned about.
I personally had a good experience in this school district, being offered classes such as AP is a excellent opportunity for students for college. Improvements would be involvement with culture and more access to outside rescoures; more field trips for students that offer education and excitement. Facilities such as cleanilness should be improved but overall the school are safe and secure.
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They are very flexible about alerts when my life or my classmates life is on the line, and alerts come out instantly
They have very good education instructors and help every way they can to make a student successful. Whenever a student is struggling in a subject, teachers always know how to help to improve them. Hamilton county strives to make sure that our students are safe and in a good learning environment.
The experience has been amazing so far. I would like to see more diversity in the county along with administration. In addition, school safety is very important and would be greatly appreciated by parents to see additional SRO's in the school's. Furthermore, a mandatory uniform policy for both student and all staff members should be enforced. This is because, staff members are not dressing appropriately to their work environments. For instance, no dresses or skirts above the knee,proper footwear (no flip-flops)
Hamilton County does an excellent job at helping us students with our academic and learning skills. They are also outstanding when it comes to providing us students with need based things such as free and reduced lunch, fee waivers, and test prep things that will prepare us for college.
Before attending Collegiate High School I attended Boyd Buchanan and I was a cheerleader. I loved this and never thought I would want to change schools, but due to health issues I was unable to cheer so I began looking for more opportunities. Now that I am attending Collegiate High I able to do full time duel enrollment to get ahead in college! With my time there the faculty have been very helpful and want the best for me. They made sure to help me feel welcome and still continue to this day! I have loved every second of being there and I am looking forward to another year!
I love my school. Sequoyah high is a vocational school where teens can go and get a vocational certificate. Ive never had a problem and I choose Sequoyah to return to. It requires application to get into Sequoyah but anyone is free to apply in the Hamilton county school district
The year I did in Public school was not great. I struggled a lot and the faculty wasn't very helpful. They did not seem to care about my education. When I changed to homeschool the process was very difficult and they required a lot of paperwork and wanted control of my homeschool process. When I wanted to get my learner's permit they made it hard to get the documents I needed.
Notre Dame High School is a great high school that prepares you for college and beyond. The faculty and staff are fair and professional. With such a small graduating class it was easy to make friends and become a family.
They had good teachers ,and good ways of teaching there students . I went to their schools all my school years.They help those that needed help. They were nice and made us belive in our self ,thst we are able to do more than we think we can.
All schools in the Hamilton County District were not equal. Schools in the lower income district suffered the most. The location of school a played a major role in the academics, diversity, teachers, school culture, parent involvement, safety, college readiness, resources & facility. These types of disadvantages can be a barrier before ever getting started.
Hamilton County is full of wonderful teachers! They take the time to invest in you as a person and support your academic needs to ensure students get a high quality and meaningful education!
TERRIBLE! They do not care about the public schools and something should be done about this. I am leaving for college but I would love for my younger siblings to get a better education.
It’s ok over-all but when we really need schools to be closed they aren’t even when all parents agree it needs to be closed.
The Hamilton County School District has been an amazing blessing to me. They set high and rigorous education standards to help prepare you for your future. Along with high standards come great teachers who truly want to see kids develop their knowledge.
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Hamilton County didn't take the opportunity to increase their budget that could have possibly helped less unfortunate schools become better. Instead, they kept the underbudgeted funding for schools. Hamilton County's school system isn't directed toward students of color because the schools that are predominantly students of color are underdeveloped and lacking in updated technology. For these reasons, I do not support Hamilton County .
My experience with Hamilton County School District is great. I feel like they do whaf they can for each student to be successful in life. But, there are some things I think they should change is dress code. Most school are in uniform while others are not. Which is not fair for the ones that wear uniforms.
Instruction time is protected. His school has and uses technology. The school also has caring teachers and admin.
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