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The community surrounding Hamilton is identical in race, religion, sexual orientation, and political opions. While the school provides adequite academics, it can be a challenging school to feel comfortable in.
The sense of community in this district is unbreakable. Everyone is kind and willing to listen if you are struggling. This community is ever growing and ever changing but it will always feel like home to me.
I loved it here. I grew up in the Hamilton school district and have gone there since kindergarten. The students and teachers are very nice and try to involve everyone, not just the popular kids.
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Hamilton community school is a great place to go to learn and make friends. As long as you find your crowd. It is not a diverse school and they are conservative when it comes to politics. They do have very friendly kids but there are bad apples. The teachers are very nice but some are more strict than others.
I've enjoyed my time at Hamilton. The majority of the faculty are awesome people as well as great teachers. I love the community.
Mostly good, teachers/education staff is good, but the administration is awful. Probably has the worst leadership in the state on the higher levels. Very inexperienced and just ignorant.
HHS so far has been a wonderful experience the teachers are nice and are willing to help you whenever you need help with homework or you aren't getting the lesson they will try there very best to help you understand. The food is good (at least in the high school) we have good after school programs and the staff are nice to everyone.
I went here for my entire high school career and I can't imagine attending anywhere else. The school introduces numerous of characters within the community. The school definitely opened me up to a diverse groups of kids with a lot of different beliefs and options as well.
This is an amazing community, everyone is tight nit and we are all in it together. We have fun assemblies to keep everyone committed and competitive and most importantly to bring the school together as a whole.
I've enjoyed my 4 years at Hamilton, although there are many things I would change. Firstly the teaching staff is not the greatest, there are some teachers who act like they hate their job. It's hard to be motivated as a student when you know your teacher doesn't want to be there as well. Secondly I am upset with the administration and principals. The principals and athletic director do not handle situations properly and leave high schoolers susceptible to bullying. There's been multiple instances where only kids in sports have been suspended, while kids not in sports walk away with no scratch on their back. It is somewhat ridiculous to me. It sounds like I have some major complains, but honestly hamilton isn't a completely horrible school to be at. The friends you make can last a lifetime.
I loved how the teachers reached out to students. It's a small school district and you really feel like your classmates and teachers care about your academic success and personal well-being.
It is a very safe environment and no bullying happens whatsoever. However, emphasis on academics is limited. Sports are more important than academics are. The classes are not very challenging and there are limited opportunities for AP classes and testing out.
Hamilton Community Schools is an amazing, safe place to go to school. Hamilton, being a small town, has a great community and at athletic events or fine arts performances you could see many diverse members of the community. Hamilton readied me for college in some great ways academically but maybe not culturally. There isn't much diversity to speak of but I think that is starting to change.
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