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The academics are lacking due to a teacher shortage and lack of funding. All the college classes have to be taken online. You are not getting the same experience that you would with an actual classroom. Other schools in the area at an advantage with the sheer number of classes they offer in comparison to Hamilton. The small class sizes do allow you to get more individualized attention that you would not get at a larger school. Overall, things are not that organized either. Students are not informed about important things until the very last minute.
Hamilton is a small school, where most of the time everyone knows each other. Coming to Hamilton, the ability to attend IMPACT is also possible, which makes my 11 year experience even more enjoyable. I've made many friends here, and the faculty really cares about the attending students.
The main problem at Hamilton Community Schools is the staff. The administration changes every few years. Many of the best teachers have left due to various reasons. The environment is a safe one, students are generally very kind and you get a very family like vibe because it is such a small school. Class sizes are small which is beneficial. College preparation needs to be improved, students are not adequately prepared.
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I like how my high school is small, there are 10 or less kids in a classroom so students can get one on one with their teachers. I do not really like how the office runs things, the secretaries are kind of mean and super nosy.
I liked how small the classes were and how you got more 1 on 1 with the teachers. I like how the teachers were not only teachers but someone you could go to to talk to. My only dislike is that their were a lot of fights and students that just didn't care, and they ruined it for those of us who did care. The only thing I would want to see really change is a stricter dress code. To many people wear pjs to school and it makes the whole school look bad.
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