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This school wants everyone to succeed. If you need help with your classwork there is someone there to help you. Teachers are flexible and do their best to make sure you meet the graduation requirements. The school also takes safety very seriously. We have emergency drills once a month and the teachers have frequent meetings to improve emergency protocols and overall safety.
The teachers really care about their students and work hard to see that they excel. I feel however, unless someone takes Honors or AP classes they probably won't be ready for college. It is a big leap. A way they could improve is to put more emphasis on the arts (visual, music, etc) and less on sports. The school spends so much money on athletics and other frivolous spending that they barely have any left for other areas. There is also an extremely strict dress code, especially on females I have noticed. While all facilities and resources are pretty top notch there should be more clubs and student activities considering Hamilton is such a large distract. I also wish that Hamilton would take bullying and harassment more seriously, thinking about the times we live in today. All bullies should be apprehended. Overall, if you make wise choices about the classes you take, you can earn a lot of college credit and be 100% prepared for the university of your choosing.
I think Hamilton city schools have great teachers who care about their students and they really show they care if students need additional help or are struggling in or out of school. I would like for the district to recognize that some students that play sports may also need/have to work, coaches make the students choose such as play football/practice daily or work their is not time for both.
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My experience has been great at Hamilton High School. It normally gets looked down on but it has a lot to offer. There are CTE programs that help students get more involved in the field they want to be in. The teachers really care for their students and I really like how there are a lot of clubs to participate in. Something I would like to see at Hamilton High School is more diversity or activities that invite everyone to embrace their roots. I personally don’t even know half of the people in my grade and that is pretty sad because I have been with them for like 4 years. Overall, Hamilton High School is a good school!
Education is a held to a high standard. College readiness is an important part of high school. Teachers invest in the students and want them to succeed in life.
Hamilton City School district has taught me a lot. whether it was getting ready for the work force, continuing your academics or joining the military. The school district does their best to make sure you are ready for the next step. Me personally it made me realise that college was an option for me to go. They pushed me in my classes and was right by my side when i needed help.
Teachers at the Hamilton City District Schools are very kind and clearly care about their students. Though there are not many broad programs offered.
Hamilton was a place that I never felt unsafe. I always felt home, whether it be in math class or a football game or painting a mural with my favorite teacher. Hamilton was one of the best things I've known. From meeting some of the best people I know, to simply bonding with teachers.
The Hamilton City School District has excellent teachers. The teachers are compassionate, considerate, inspiring, and understanding. Our district is ever changing, searching for higher goals. Our sports programs could use some progress, but is also a value to students. We are a very diverse school district. That is what I like about the Hamilton City School District.
Being in Hamilton's schooling since I was in Kindergarten, I have seen every aspect of the district. As a sophomore in high school, I have had an average high school experience. Our resources are vast and our facilities are great, but the administration is the best quality of the district. I give props to anyone who works in Hamilton, because I know the culture and students within the district can be difficult to work with. I have acceded in my academics and had opportunities that most kids wouldn't, like College Credit Plus.
I loved the diversity of hamilton city school district. Meeting all different types of people and getting to know so many. The school has a very large population of students. Although i feel as if they should work on getting students more prepared for their futures in college.
Hamilton has great teachers who care for the students in a way that leaves an impact on their life forever. The CTE programs at the high school guide students to their future and the counselors are very helpful.
My experience here was an okay experience. It isn't the best school out there but it is good enough to help you get into college. Some of the teachers are amazing while others aren't the greatest. If you put in the effort, you can get a lot out of this school.
Within the first two weeks of the school year 80% percent of students where failing through the the entire district. They charge $2.85 for a lunch everyday for a meal with poor quality food. I literally found tape at the bottom of my pizza (not even joking). The sports teams are awful. Their is a lot of fights everyday. And already in middle school girls are getting pregnant. But their is a lot of diversity. I am currently an 8th at Garfield middle school and I am not bias but this school district needs a lot of help.
Hamilton district is very average in curriculum but I do believe we have the best character. Everyone is very proud of what they or students achieve.
Hamilton City Schools taught me a lot growing up, but the worst thing about this district is the kids. Most of the kids don't care about their education and most of the teachers know it. This district would thrive if they could help more kids get into learning.
I believe Hamilton School district in a competitive district in academics, athletics, teaching, ect. The opportunities offered are endless and are key in preparing students for college.
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In this district there is a great sense of community. Everyone gets involved and the schooling is great. The administration cares about each and everyone of us and make sure we strive in life.
Teachers and Staff work very hard to try and provide students with the best education possible. Very good experience to have been impacted by all of the wonderful teachers and administration there.
Hamilton City Schools has seen many changes in the last few years from the Superintendent to sports. As the needs of our children change to keep pace with technology, Hamilton City School is doing a great job of integrating technology with traditional learning.
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