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Hamden High is a great school if you actually care about academics and sports. There is always that one terrible teacher that doesn't know what they're doing but overall most of my teachers are excellent. AP's here are big among that group of high-achieving honors students and the interaction is great.
My experience at Hamden High was Great. I transferred 3 other times before I landed at Hamden high. Out of all 4 of the school I attended Hamden high was the number one best school. The teachers actually engage in you and your work. The staff makes sure you stay and feel safe. The principle (ms.G) lets her love shine right out of her body and into her students hands. I liked experiencing a school where I felt I mattered at. Especially with such a big population of students, the school still makes sure they pay attention to each and every student.
I go to the high school: Hamden High. The school is horrible. The students here are so rude and don’t even want to learn anything. If you want a school for academics, this is not the one for you. Some of the teachers come off as rather wanting to do anything else except teach, their job. The sports teams are also not really that good or even the coaches.
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I Highly recommend Hamden School District for every student. There staff is excellent and very involved .
Hamden School District supports a wide variety of students and student interests. I would like to see more support offered to honors programs and the arts department.
Hamden High School is a great high school because of its diversity and the wide range of coursed that it provides its students with. Although the academics are great the building itself could use some work.
Some knowledgable teachers, some not so great teachers, like any district. Sports are not really something Hamden is known for, some teams are okay. Academics are like any other district. Large class sizes and outdated buildings. The middle school, is the newest and nicest school. The high school is small and overcrowded.
My experience in Hamden is very well. I've lived here almost my whole life. All my life I have gone to school in Hamden, and never had any problems with it.
Hamden was tricky, because we had a very diverse group of students. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it greatly prepared me for my college experiences. However, it was new, and at times, scary. But I wouldn't have traded my experience at Hamden High School for the world. I met so many wonderful people and learned so many things about different lifestyles, cultures, and values. My time in the Hamden school district was incredibly enriching.
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